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Top Articles

Have Your Staff Help With SEO
[2008-04-08] Someone asked me the other day what their staff member could be doing to help with SEO as they had some spare time on their hands. While there isn't really a perfect answer that will fit any business, these tips should be useful on the whole (not in any particular order)

SEO Things To Do For Your Business
[2008-02-14] I've seen lots of predictions for 2008 with regards to search engine optimization and marketing. Most of these come from SEO firms and consultants.

What do you do When Faced with Insurmountable Opportunities?
[2007-12-21] In some companies, there are never any "problems," just "challenges" or "opportunities." But what do you do when faced with an insurmountable opportunity?

Create a More Productive Work Environment
[2007-10-22] Creating a great office environment isn't the sole responsibility of the PIC - person in charge.

Employee Communication: Measuring the Impact On Business Outcomes
[2007-10-08] If you are involved in employee communication then you already know that one of the most important aspects of employee communication today is measurement.

Dealing With Office Losers, Suckups and Flakes
[2007-09-27] Negativity in the work place can be like a bad virus. When working with a small team, it's important that you nip negativity in the bud as early as possible.

Customer 2.0, Operational BI & $20M
[2007-09-13] A series of articles and posts caught my eye tonight. First I read Mike Murphy's article on Meeting the Needs of Customer 2.0: Intelligence All Around (DM Review).

Surfing the Web is Your Job
[2007-09-07] Web 2.0 sites, technologies and communities crop up on a seemingly daily basis. It can get overwhelming to be a marketer in the trenches.

Increase Your Productivity While Rebooting
[2007-08-09] How frustrated are you when you have to reboot your PC in the middle of the day? A full shutdown and reboot cycle can take a several minutes - instead of staring at your screen watching the icons flicker to life, the hourglass grind away, etc., why not capture a few minutes of productivity?

Analysis & Creativity in Decision-Making
[2007-07-26] Scott Thurm recently wrote a piece in the WSJ Marketplace section - Now, It's Business By Data, but Numbers Still Can't Tell Future.

When a Task Becomes a Project
[2007-07-11] Project Management is essential for complex tasks. So how do you know when it becomes a Project? It's not always easy to decide.

Why Business Needs to Engage in Social Media
[2007-06-27] Paul Argenti's excellent keynote talk at the IABC Research Foundation luncheon today included a few references to social media, but mainly these addressed the impact of social media on public perceptions of organizations.

Online PR & Corporate Blogging
[2007-06-21] Sugar Ray Leonard was one of the all-time great counter punchers. As a ringside pundit once noted, Leonard would "make the other man come get him - and when he actually cornered him, Leonard would make him pay."

Q&A: Domain Names Incorporating Major Product Keywords
[2007-05-31] Dear Kalena...

The 3rd Annual Interactive Promotion Summit
[2007-05-17] After spending all winter under a dead gray Michigan sky, I recently had the opportunity to fly to sunny Las Vegas to attend ePrize's Interactive Promotion Summit at Caesar's Palace.

Why Small Can Be So Hard When You're Big
[2007-05-08] I've written before about the search marketing difficulties of large sites, but today I want to make a bigger point.

Lead Generation and the Dating Analogy
[2007-04-25] When it comes to lead generation, the dating analogy is nothing new. But I liked what Tom Myer at the said on the topic of lead nurturing in his post, "If you don't remember me on the second date, why should we go on a third?"

Interview with Web Analyst Scott Baldwin
[2007-04-05] My Interview with Analysts series is back again.

Starting a Web 2.0 Company - What's Already There?
[2007-03-29] What programs and API's are out there for starting web 2.0 company?

Words for Web Marketers
[2007-03-15] Web marketers face special challenges when they are writing headlines and copy - not only do they have to deal with all of the concerns that print writers contend with in trying to create copy that sells, but they have to worry about search performance, too.

Saying What the Company Already Knows
[2007-03-07] As we wrapped up a project and delivered our final report, why wasn't management surprised by what we found?

Identify the Culprits That Threaten Productive Meetings
[2007-02-20] In the Star Wars movie's famous bar scene you knew, by appearance, what zany character was sitting beside you.

Employment Ethics: Responsibility Works
[2007-02-15] An infrequently discussed area of business management is employment ethics.

Marketers Still Missing Social Media Target
[2007-02-01] BIGResearch's latest simultaneous Media Usage Study raises a big flag for marketers and PR practitioners: you're operating in a new reality of a consumer controlled communication model.

What is it with These Recruiters?
[2007-01-25] I love recruiters, they form a very important niche in our economy, they call people, and they ask them if they would be interested in a job, but are they paying attention to what people want?

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