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Stars Of Blogging Come Out At PubCon

By David A. Utter

Mike McDonald sat in on WebmasterWorld's Pubcon Boston morning session today, featuring a trio of bloggers well-known to our search marketing and optimization audience.

Editor's Note: Today's morning session from the Boston leg of Pubcon featured a panel of some of the most recognizable bloggers. Tell us what you think about what the panel had to say about producing a successful blog at SyndicationPro.

"Morning Coffee Session with The Super Bloggers Of Search," reads the session link on PubCon's website. Robert Scoble from Microsoft, Matt Cutts from Google, and Jeremy Zawodny from Yahoo all sat in on the panel, moderated by WebmasterWorld's Brett Tabke.

The session offered an interview style forum, open to the audience and their questions. They handled several queries, and commented at length on the topics raised. Over coffee, the trio dealt with questions on blogging and their businesses.

All of those bloggers post their content on personal blogs, and when posting do so as themselves, not as an outpost of their respective corporate PR departments. That has made their appeal all the greater to readers.

Scoble responded to a question on working in the corporate environment, noting how times have changed regarding an insider broadcasting criticism to the world:

"Two or three years ago if you said anything in public about things going on in the company that you maybe didn't agree with or had an issue with, people really looked at you like you were crazy. Internal issues just weren't discussed openly like that. Now, that is much less the case."

Zawodny referenced personal interest as a factor in posting to his blog: "Sometimes at work we'll be launching something and someone will come up to me and say 'hey are you going to blog about it?' Sometimes I will sometimes I won't.

"If it's something I would have been interested in anyway, I probably will but if it's some new pet locator search or something, then no, probably not."

To Cutts, keeping personal feelings of co-workers in mind merits attention:

"Sometimes it can be a little awkward. Say for example if I have an issue with a bug or feature in Google News and I go Blog about it and say 'ooh man I hate the way this displays headlines in my reader', instead of actually going over and having a chat with the Google News product manager, then certainly there exists the potential for some hard feelings. You just have to be conscientious about that sort of thing."

About the Author:
David Utter is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.

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