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Marketers Still Missing Social Media Target

By Sally Falkow

BIGResearch's latest simultaneous Media Usage Study raises a big flag for marketers and PR practitioners: you're operating in a new reality of a consumer controlled communication model.

This is not the first time we've heard that the traditional media models aren't working, but this study clearly show the mismatch between where consumers are being influenced and where marketers are placing theri messages.

And it applies just as much to PR and media relations. If we are chasing the old media model we're missing the most effective ways to reach and influence our audience.

When asked which media most influence their purchase decision for various product categories, consumers' choices are rarely in line with advertisers expenditures, says the report

Top 5 Media Influences on Consumers Buying a Car

Purchase Influence

Consumers Influenced

Automotive Industry Ad Spend %

1. Word of Mouth



2. TV Broadcast



3. Read Article



4. Newspaper



5. Magazine



Source: Ad Age Domestic Spending by Category (2005) and BIGresearch, 2007

Top 5 Media Influences on Electronics Purchases

Purchase Influence

Consumers Influenced

Electronics/Home Furnishings Industry Ad Spend %

1. Word of Mouth



2. Read Article



3. TV Broadcast



4. Newspaper Inserts



5. In-Store Promo



Source: (Includes) Home Furnishings, Appliances and Electronics and BIGresearch, 2007

"New media options such as online search, blogging, email, texting, video, streaming and social networks such as MySpace and YouTube have expanded the Word of Mouth universe and made traditional advertising less relevant for many," said Joe Pilotta, VP, Research of BIGresearch

Understanding this new model is the first step to using it effectively. Attend Social Media Club meetings in your area and find a good SEO PR training session for your PR and marketing staff.


About the Author:
Sally is the author of Website Content Strategy blog: Information about the shifts in media consumption and the use of technology in marketing and PR so business can stay in touch with their rapidly moving audiences.

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