Keep your servers & your business up and running
RAID Configurations — Our various RAID configurations rely on multiple hard drives to replicate and protect your data, so your server doesn't go offline during a drive failure.
Managed Backup of Data — The Rackspace Managed Backup solution is a fully managed solution. You do nothing but relax knowing that your risk for data loss is greatly reduced and that your data can be quickly recovered.
Zero-Downtime Network™ — Zero Downtime means you get nothing less than 100% Network Uptime, guaranteed. It's not wishful thinking—it's exactly what our network with 9 network providers was designed to do.
Very Live, 24x7x365 Fanatical Support™ — Even our support is redundant. We don't have one person manning the desks at 2:00AM. We have teams of experts to help you at any time and in any way possible.
It's our business to keep your servers and your business up and running. That's what Fanatical Support is all about — everyone at Rackspace working for you 24x7x365. Call it one more layer of redundancy, or call it the best support you'll ever have. Either way, it gives you greater peace of mind day in and day out.
These product offerings may differ for UK customers in our UK data centers. Rackspace reserves the right to alter this promotion at any time.

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