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SES Chicago 07: Brad Goldberg...
WebProNews continues our coverage of SES Chicago 2007 with Brad Goldberg, General Manager of the Search Business Group for Microsoft...

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PubCon - Monetizing Social Media Traffic

By Navneet Kaushal

Social media traffic is decidedly different from search traffic, newsletter traffic, or general link traffic. Knowing how to capitalize on this potentially huge traffic influx is critical for social media players. This session will look at ways that social media outlets can be monetized.

  • Rand Fishkin

Vanessa Fox, Features Editor, Search Engine Land, Entrepreneur in Residence, Ignition Partners.

Michael Gray, President, Atlas Web Service.

Alexander Barbara, CEO, ReidBrown Enterprises, Inc.

Laura Fitton, Principal, Pistachio Consulting.

Rand who is moderating this time, says it is important to monetize our social media endeavours sometimes.

First up is Vanessa Fox, Features Editor, Search Engine Land, Entrepreneur in Residence, Ignition Partners. Vanessa says page Views have no worth unless you maintain and operate a CPM ad model. Many a times, people focus so much on page views singularly that we lose sight of the other significant stuff. Vanessa pulls out the page views for her sites. Apparently on the 6th of September, her page views went over the room. This apparently was the day, the Vanessa Hudgens scandal broke out. Apparently viewers wanted to see nude images of Hudgens, not Fox. Heh heh.

Hook 'em and keep 'em, says Vanessa. She stresses on the significance of maintaining traffic by making viral material while also having other content to keep people interested. The content you have should be of prime interest to the people who visit your site. They should want to stay.

Vanessa on converting visitors into customers:
  • Foremost, your viral marketing must be relevant for your site.
  • Make it easy for your visitors to see what your site has on offer.
  • Provide multiple links to other pages on your site.
  • Think about your goals are and funnel your site's users into a conversion path.
Lastly, Fox says that Search Traffic has more value in comparison to Social Media Traffic as Search Traffic is equivalent to determined views while Social Media traffic equals to web browsers who have no exclusive target interest.

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Next up is Graywolf aka Michael Gray, President, Atlas Web Service. Michael opened by saying social media fshould be used for sales and conversions. This is an advanced tactic Apparently, sales should only be part of your vision and not the enitire project.

What types of products work?
  • Products (physical and virtual). These fare better than services.
  • Consumer goods. Almost always better than B2B)
  • Impulse purchases
  • Low or "door buster" prices. People are always sensitive to prices.
  • Technology related items generally do better.
  • The site has products for which they have a specific gift guide.
  • Shows what people purchase during holidays. For eg: They targeted Cybowe Monday.
  • Style Shows how to dress like celebs for less. Also featured are pages of affiliated links.
  • The offer you have must be clear, especially restrictions or quantities.
  • Always anticipate demand and have the right amount of stock.
  • The worst thing you could do is failure to deliver products.
  • Monitor and keep a check on what people are saying about you. If needed, do some damgae control.
  • Incorporate video and podcasts. Experiment but know the space you are getting into before you jump the gun.
Apparently, SMM is the most effective way to generate sales for products & gadgets, and not really for services. If used well, Digg can also bring in sales.

Continue reading this article.

About the Author:
Nav is the founder and CEO of PageTraffic, a premier search engine company known for its assured SEO service, web design and development, copywriting and full time SEO professionals.
Navneet has wide experience in natural search engine optimization, internet marketing and PPC campaigns. He is a prolific writer and his articles can be found in the "Best Articles" section of many websites and article banks. As a search engine analyst , he has over 9 years of experience and his knowledge is in application here.

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