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Give everyone in your company exactly the kind of email they need!
Your business needs the heavyweight collaboration features of Exchange for the corner offices, but do all your employees need it? With our integrated Hosted Exchange and Noteworthy service, everyone gets what they need and you save a ton.
Best of all, you can easily administer ALL mailboxes from one Control Panel. And as always, there are no start-up fees, no costly add-ons, and no hidden fees.
Features You Get with Hosted Exchange and Noteworthy Combination:
Exchange — Outlook Integration 100% Uptime Guarantee
Complete Outlook Collaboration Premium Anti-Spam
Real-Time Anywhere Access Premium Anti-Virus
11GB Mailbox Storage POP, IMAP & SMTP
Webmail Access Find Out More Information
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*By using the Exchange-Noteworthy combination, Sample Firm's monthly email cost is roughly $150. If they purchase Exchange mailboxes for every employee (including those that rarely use the full-scope of features), the monthly cost would be closer to $450. That amounts to an annual savings of $3,600!

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