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Expanding The Blogging Force

By Manoj Jasra

If you are the sole contributor to a personal or corporate blog and have been the main source of content for quite some time, you can understand the pressure of trying to provide unique content day in and day out. There will be times where you simply lack inspiration and will look for help to bare the load. Finding consistent contributors (guest authors) is not the simplest thing to do since everyone has their own priorities and writing articles can be quite time consuming. Below I have outlined some ways to help you beef up your blogging team:

Twitter: After having blogging for some time, you begin to gain more readers and followers who engage with your blog on a consistent basis. Creating your own Twitter account and growing your followers will prove to be useful because you will be able to update your followers very quickly and you will be able to reach out to them for future writing opportunities.

Facebook Groups: Facebook simply doesnít manage all your friends anymore it has expanded to include business contacts as well. Many notorious bloggers have created Facebook Groups around the topic of their blog to communicate with their readers on a different level. With the ability to message all your members at once, Facebook Groups can prove to be quite useful in finding new writing talent.

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Benefits of Writing for You: Why should anyone write for you? What are the benefits of me adding content to your blog rather than posting it on my own? Everyone wants benefits, so if youíre looking for writers make sure you clearly mention things like: your blogís monthly traffic, number of subscribers, where your blog is syndicated, the type of people who read your blog and any other way which will improve someoneís thought leadership while blogging for you.

Contests: This might only lead to short term writing engagements but having a contest where bloggers compete for traffic on a given topic for the chance to win a cool prize is a great way to add fresh content to your blog. Bloggers love free stuff like books, conference passes, access to tools, and gadgets.

Show me the Money: If you have an authoritative enough blog that makes a decent amount of monthly income, you can look into paying authors a set premium based on CPM. This will really entice your authors to produce large amounts of quality content.


About the Author:
Manoj Jasra has been in the search marketing industry since 2002 with Enquiro Search Solutions. His role as the Director of Technology at Enquiro involves him developing strategic relationships with technology vendors, overseeing web analytics and designing cutting edge solutions for clients. Manoj's background in software development and experience in search marketing/web analytics gives him the ability to provide strategic consultation throughout the entire online marketing process. Manoj's blog, Web Analytics World focuses on insight in Search Marketing, Blogging, Web Analytics and Technology; it is also one of the top read web analytics blogs. You can frequently find Manoj's writing at popular marketing publications.

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