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Is Your Marketing Plan for 2009 Ready?

By Bob Sullivan

If not, there is still time, but not much, to wrap it all up.  Keep in mind, there is no Santa coming to deliver a nice tightly wrapped marketing package outlining your plans for success in the coming year. 

If your 2009 plan is still on the table and you're yet trying to determine effective strategies and dollars, I encourage you to peruse the following links to 2009 marketing trends, surveys, advice and predictions.  These resources could help you finalize an effective marketing plan for the coming year. You need a plan that puts you ahead of the pack next year…and years after. 

And, even for those of you who have finalized your 2009 marketing plans, you might find some valuable ideas that you could integrate into those plans. 

Changes to Marketing Spending and Strategy Coming in 2009
For some excellent insight on potential marketing budget and strategy changes coming in 2009, you must read this post on 1to1 Media's blog – Think Customers: The 1to1 Blog .  This article provides the results of a survey of their readers and LinkedIn members on potential changes to their 2009 marketing budget and strategy.  The survey conducted by Ginger Conlon, Editor-in-Chief of Peppers & Rogers Group's  1to1 Media, and article comments are a wealth of information that you can't afford to miss.

How's That 2009 Marketing Plan Coming?
Also, back in August, Ginger Conlon posted this article based on 10 trends offered by Richard Feldman, managing partner of Source Marketing that may impact marketing in 2009 and beyond. As Ginger stated, “Keeping tabs on trends can help”. 

Media Alert: ANA Reveals 2008 Annual Conference Polling Results
Check out the results of a poll conducted by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) during their 2008 Annual “Masters of Marketing” Conference.  The 1200 attendees, including a mix of B-to-B and B-to-C marketers, were polled about their marketing mix, budgets, plans and tactics for growth in 2009.  Learning what other marketers are planning may help you with your 2009 marketing strategies. 

What won't fly in that 2009 marketing plan
For some great suggestions and additional resources to help you solidify your 2009 marketing plan, read this post published on the Red on Marketing blog built by Business Communications Group.  The post covers several specific 2009 marketing strategy questions along with some good answers, ideas and additional marketing links/resources.  You don't want to pass this by. 

The Fundamental Server: Everything You
Need Inside and Outside the Box - Learn More

Survey Says: Nearly 43 percent of healthcare marketers plan to spend more in 2009
Details of the survey were posted by Mac McIntosh, president of Mac McIntosh Incorporated, a sales and marketing consulting firm.  While the survey is centered on healthcare marketing, healthcare is a huge growing industry and a glimpse into what some healthcare marketers are planning and spending in 2009 could provide some great insight into marketing strategies for any industry. It's a great read and may show you how to apply their strategies into your own.  Mac's post also includes a one-question 2009 marketing budget survey which provides a comparison between 2008 and 2009 marketing budgets. 

Marketing Into The Storm: How The Recent Crisis Will Create New Opportunities 
This article by Mike Gospe, Co-Founder of KickStart Alliance puts forth three marketing truths that companies need to embrace and act upon in order to achieve success and excel in 2009.  Great advice for the coming year and all the time. 

Strategic Thinking 3.0 - A media forecast for 2009 
These 2009 media predictions offered by Nick Brien is president and CEO of Mediabrands provide some valuable opinions about marketing in 2009.  Although, this forecast seems to embrace advertising firms, it is valuable for all companies since many B-toB and B-to-C organizations use ad agencies for much of their marketing efforts.  Definitely worth your time. 

InfoGrow Corporation Website and Blog 
Last, but hopefully not least, is my company's website and blog. I invite you to visit both sites and look over the solutions we provide to all companies everyday in order to help them achieve sales & marketing effectiveness.  Solutions that worked 20 years ago, will work in 2009 and in the future. 

I hope these links/resources are of value to your marketing efforts in 2009 and years after.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year


About the Author:
Bob Sullivan is President of InfoGrow Corporation, a national sales & marketing consultant and applications provider that enables clients to leverage information and technology for increased sales & marketing effectiveness.

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