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Controlling Your Businesses Market Intelligence Effectively

By Bill Ives

Here is another cross post from AppGap on a tool I have started to use. I last spoke to Ari Newman, CEO at Filtrbox shortly after their launch (see Create Web Monitoring Filters with Filtrbox). Now they have launched the second major iteration of this product, G2, built on lessons learned in the months since they first appeared. Filtrbox has redone the core platform to increase performance, simplified the user experience, and are more sharply focusing their marketplace positioning. Filtrbox is targeted at the business professional in any department who wants to control their own market intelligence and needs more than basic, free services as Google Alerts. They have priced G2 to fit an individual budget and even their group version would likely fit easily into a department budget.

Ari outlined several scenarios on how business professionals might want to use Filtrbox. Individual sales people can follow their prospects, customers and competitors. They can find reasons to call customers about their latest moves or changes in the market. They can track the problems their business addresses to stay current in the market and more intelligently engage with their prospects, as well as see the moves their competition are making. Executives can track what their competitors are doing as soon they make a move in the market, or even before through such channels as Twitter. Product management and marketing professionals can monitor the conversation around their brand. Investors can hear the market buzz on their portfolio companies directly from the early adopters. In difficult times it becomes even more important to be smarter about what is happening in whatever you are doing. I would agree.

To address these issues Filtrbox monitors millions of online sources based on user specified business logic. You can set up search terms and tell it what not to look at and block domains to keep the noise down. For example, I do not need to see what my blog is doing as I already know that. The FiltrRank algorithm qualifies and scores results prior to delivery. The system aggregates results for multiple searches in a single interface, and features historical analysis of results over time demonstrating trends. The results are identified as either: mainstream news outlets, blogs, or social networks like Twitter, but delivered in a single interface. Here is a sample Filtrbox dashboard of results.

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Here is sample of reporting by source.

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About the Author:
Dr. Bill Ives is an independent consultant and writer who has worked with Fortune 100 companies in business uses of emerging technologies for over 20 years. For several years he led the Knowledge Management Practice for a large consulting firm.. Now he primarily helps companies with their business blogs. He is also the VP of Social Media and blogger for TVissimo, a new TV schedule search engine. Prior to consulting, Dr. Ives was a Research Associate at Harvard University exploring the effects of media on cognition. He obtained his Ph. D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Toronto. Bill can be reached at his blog: Portals and KM. He also writes for the FastForward blog and the AppGap blog.

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