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Upselling Services Can Greatly Increase Profitability

By Stacy Karacostas

Are you leaving money on the table because you aren't letting people know about your other products or services? If you own a small business, chances are the answer is yes! Because most small business owners and their employees have yet to master the art of the upsell. Maybe it's that you don't know how. Or maybe it's that upselling (or even selling for that matter) makes you uncomfortable. If so this article is sure to change your mind and give you the tools you need to use totally non-pushy upsells to make your clients happier AND more money.

The other night, my hubby and I were on our way back from one of my speaking engagements, and decided to pick up dinner to go. So we called one of our favorite teriyaki joints (Seattle's Best, on 1st Ave S), to place an order.

Since it's a little out of the way for us normally, we hadn't eaten there in a while. So we were rather excited to have it conveniently located on our route home.

Then life got even better...

The woman who took my husband's order asked if we'd like brown rice instead of white!

I don't each much white rice, but I love brown rice! In fact, I'll order it every time if given the option. So this was a very pleasant surprise. And boy was it good! This place has the yummiest teriyaki sauce and it is divine on rice (white or brown).

As a result we'll now be going out of our way to eat there more ...And I bet we're not alone.

My husband (a sales guy) and I were very impressed. Because they're clearly paying attention to changes in people's eating habits, and changing their menu to suit. And they're making sure customers know about this new option...

With the simple act of asking if we'd like their newest menu item as a substitute, Seattle's Best made $1.90 more. And now we'll be there more often, spending more money each time, to get that fine brown rice.

All they did was let us know this option is now available, and boom, they grew their business. Best of all, I'm thrilled to have spent the extra money.

This was upselling at its finest. And it's most simple.

What's interesting is that big companies and chains often train their employees to ask if you want to make it a combo, add fries with that, try their new dessert, etc. Yet it's rare to see this done in small restaurants (or any small business).

Which is silly. Because it's one of the easiest things to do and almost any business can do it (not just restaurants!).

When I worked in my parent's animal hospital as a kid we boarded pets overnight. And we always asked if clients wanted their pets bathed before going home. More than 50% said yes.

Added convenience for them, more revenue for us!

The key here is...We were trained to ask.

All too often small business owners (or their employees) just don't ask. Maybe because they aren't comfortable selling...

Or they feel like they don't have time employees to train in this much detail...

Or don't know how to get the employees to do it...

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About the Author:
Practical Marketing Expert Stacy Karacostas, founder of SuccessStream Sales & Marketing Solutions, specializes in taking the stress, struggle and confusion out of growing your small business. She's the author of the 2-page marketing plan workbook Putting Your Business on the Road to Success, and The Small Business Website Bible. Stacy also writes the fun and informative Marketing Junkie blog and Bright Ideas weekly newsletter. For more practical, business-building wisdom help yourself to a copy of her free report The 7 Deadliest Small Business Marketing Sins... Are You Guilty?

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