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Ensuring Your Business Is Optimized For Local Search

By Jon Hines

The importance of being findable on the internet is the goal of every marketer.  Whether you use paid ads on Google, Msn, or Yahoo.  Placing a banner ad on a high traffic website, or link building for organic search is all good. But to fully understand the importance of being findable is to know the basics of how a consumer will find your website, even if you're just putting an ad on Joe's website.

For desktop user they will go to the search engines like Google and type in the search query for "replacement window" if they were looking to upgrade or repair their windows in their home.  Results will show there are over 190 millions competing web pages.  Homeowners are now thinking "well I live in Seattle and want some info".  So they add more words to their keyword phrases.

Homeowners will probably add some modifier phrases like "estimates", "quotes", "services" the numbers of competing web pages in the result is now less. But, intuitively they dig deeper and add their local area. Now you're getting the local results which is a lower number of competing web pages.

For this example, the search term is "replacement window Seattle". There is only 218 thousand competing web pages and in the first 3 in the organic result is "Keystone Window", "Jays Window", and "West Coast Vinyl".  The homeowner now will probably go and check out their websites and possibly call them for an estimate.

Now there was a question,  is it possible to get ranked for organic search for more than 2 positions? The answer is yes! Swanson Contracting a general contractor in the home improvement industry dominates on Google for the top 7 position not counting the A. spot on Google local business for the term "home remodeling contractor Redding ca".

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So how is it that you can dominate for the top 7 position when Google only allow 2 spots on a SERP (search engine result page) page?  Well, this is possible using a combination of your web pages and different web properties such as web 2.0 sites.  Heres a screen shot of that result:


• Now what are the chances of people coming to your site and viewing what you have to offer, if you dominated the top 7 position on Google?  So is it important to be findable?, and don't you want to make it easy for possible clients to find your business?


About the Author:
Jon Hines is an SEO/SEM consultant that helps businesses become findable on the internet thru organic search, paid search, and social media since 04. Check out his site at

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