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Cutting Your Lead Prospects Before Getting Started

By Richard Hearne

I'm constantly amazed, and often bemused, by the way online merchants find new and daft ways to kill online sales long before the prospect even considers buying. While searching for car insurance I couldn't help but cringe while visiting the AA Ireland car insurance site:

Nice, clear design with very strong headline, hero shot and dual CTA

AA Ireland Car Insurance homepage Nice, clear design with strong headline, hero shot, bulleted benefits and nice CTAs

Let's get a quote. Nice strong CTA. Cant miss it. But:

Get a Holistic View of Your Complete IT Infrastructure - Free Trial

Oops, I forgot to accept a T&Cs challenge, which rather oddly appears after rather than before the main CTA flow

Oops, I forgot to accept a T&Cs challenge, which rather oddly appears after rather than before the main CTA flow

Not a big deal, but I'd hazard quite a few people get that challenge as the checkbox appears after the flow from headline to bullets to main CTA. I should also mention that whenever I see a challenge like this the site I'm visiting always loses a little bit of my "visitor equity". I've written before about a very similar type of negative assurance negative point of action assurances which coincidentally was also based on an Irish insurance website.

Anyhow, back on track to get my AA car insurance quote. Step 1:

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About the Author:
Richard Hearne is the founder of Red Cardinal, a dedicated search marketing consultancy. A frequent contributor to Google's Webmaster Group, Richard regularly advises clients on Internet marketing strategy and Search Engine optimisation campaigns. Richard's thoughts and research can be found on his search marketing blog.

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