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Important Factors That Get Sites Ranked

By Patrick Hare

No reputable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company should have you expecting good search engine results in less than 3 months, but there are some cases where you can get a top 10 Google ranking in as little as 6 days, even with a brand new website! Understanding how some sites get ultra-fast rankings can help you gain a competitive advantage and spot opportunities when they come along, and it can also give you an appreciation for the hard work that goes into SEO for reputable, long lasting sites that hold onto top rankings for years.

First and foremost, there are a few things to understand about SEO that may be important for the novice. Sites in some sectors can take a much longer time to get rankings, because of the level of competition and the potential for abuse. A traditional expectation for getting into the Google Top 40 is at least 3 months, and despite the debatable nature of the "sandbox" theory, it would be foolish to expect competitive results in record time. Nonetheless, it does occasionally happen, and some of our testing has shown rankings within a few days of domain registration, without a single link from another external website.

Here are some factors that get sites ranked in record time:

Exact match domain name. A .com, .net, or .org match on a domain name can produce fast results in Google. Bing will show results on extensions like .tv, .cc, and .mobi, but Google tends to prefer the original 3 domain extensions. Domain names that don't match up with their top keyword will generally take longer to rank.

Good Titles. A bad title can sink a good domain name, so the title should closely reflect the keyword in the domain name. Sometimes a good title can rank quickly if other sites in the field aren't paying attention to their SEO.

Good homepage content. Even though search engines rank web pages, not websites, the homepage is the first one on the site that the search spider sees. An informational homepage that is very topical will help establish your site as a resource. Placeholder sites with relevant and originial homepage content can rank quickly.

What are the drawbacks to fast ranking? One of them is that the search engines may be "trying you out" on the first page to see if you have an interesting topic that gets visitors. There are many cases where sites debut in the top 10, only to shrink back into the lower 90s until they get more credibility. Your internet marketing strategy should not be based around instant SEO for this very reason. You should therefore be cautious about planning your next steps in business if you see a quick rise in rankings, since you will not be getting enough data to see where your rankings are trending. Search engines are always looking for the next "viral" phenomenon like MySpace, FaceBook, or YouTube, and if your site isn't "sticky" and fascinating, you may not be in the top 10 for long. Additionally, competitive exact match domain names are hard to come by, since domain parking, squatting, and flipping specialists have made a business of getting any URL that can make more money in a year than the cost of the domain name.

Most SEO customers won't experience an overnight success when it comes to search engine rankings. The nature of search engine algorithms, and the work done by the people who have gotten sites into the top 10 are going to make it tough for other sites to achieve high rankings, but it is possible. Companies like Search Agency are successful because they are able to leverage link building and SEO consulting experience into cost-effective optimization solutions for companies of all sizes. By recognizing "quick SEO" situations and ones that require months of well-executed strategy, we can help clients get long-term results in search engines. Even though this approach takes more work and time, the long view on SEO allows our customers to succeed where "flash in the pan" results are less likely to result in an extended level of customer satisfaction.


About the Author:
Patrick Hare has been managing online and offline marketing projects since 1999. From 2005 to present, he has been with Scottsdale Arizona's Search Agency (formerly Submitawebsite). Patrick provides Search Engine Optimization and Marketing advice to in-house customers and Jacksonville's web design group.

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