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Highly Effective Marketing Grows Through Repetition

By Stacy Karacostas

A while back I was driving through the little commercial district in my neighborhood, when it happened again...

I suddenly noticed what appeared to be a nice, new print shop. It had a big, brightly painted sign and a pretty good sized storefront too. But when I mentioned it to my husband, he just laughed and said "Where have you been? That shop has been in this neighborhood as long as we have."

Sometimes it seems hard to believe that I can drive down the same road a few times a week-or even every day-and never notice something so obvious. Of course, with the amount of information we are bombarded with daily, it really isn't so surprising. Some things are just bound to catch your eye, or your attention, better than others.

Now think about how this affects your marketing or advertising efforts...

Recent statistics show that a potential customer has to see your ad an average of 7-8 times before they even notice it. That's right-7-8 times just to notice your ad is there.

Then about another 7-8 times before they might think about taking action.

So you have to get your message in front of your audience an average of 15 times before they might even think about getting in touch-assuming of course that you're getting in front of the right people. And that's a tough pill to swallow for most small businesses. Why?

Because we live in a world that is driven by a need for instant gratification.

From drive-thrus, to credit cards, diet pills and cold medicine, the majority of Americans insist on getting results right away-or at least really darn quick.  But there is nothing fast, exciting or sexy about putting your name and message in front of someone over and over again.

The result? Most small business marketing campaigns are developed and executed with an eye towards getting customers in the door right now. And most fail miserably.

I've seen clients place a $1000 ad two times, then quit when they didn't get any response.  Or spend their entire marketing budget on a half-page Yellow Pages Ad that brings in a handful of clients at best. Then there was the client who insisted direct mail would not work for them. But when they tried it, they'd sent out just one letter.

What did all of these strategies have in common? They didn't get in front of their customers enough times to even get noticed-let alone drive sales.

If you really want your marketing and sales campaigns to be wildly successful, you can't be focused on getting instant results. And you can't be changing your tactics, brand or message constantly.

Instead, think of marketing your business as being a lot like growing a garden...

Once you plant the seeds, you have to keep watering regularly or the plants just won't grow. And you can't expect to have ripe vegetables tomorrow.

It has often been said that a mediocre marketing campaign executed on a regular basis is 100 times more effective than a fantastic campaign executed once or twice.

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About the Author:
Practical Marketing Expert Stacy Karacostas, founder of SuccessStream Sales & Marketing Solutions, specializes in taking the stress, struggle and confusion out of growing your small business. She's the author of the 2-page marketing plan workbook Putting Your Business on the Road to Success, and The Small Business Website Bible. Stacy also writes the fun and informative Marketing Junkie blog and Bright Ideas weekly newsletter. For more practical, business-building wisdom help yourself to a copy of her free report The 7 Deadliest Small Business Marketing Sins... Are You Guilty?

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