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How To Get Started With Twitter

By Roxanne Rives is a micro blogging site..or in simple terms, a site to make statements that do not take up many lines.

With only 140 characters to write, some great conversations can emerge on Twitter. Some Twitter users will have thousands of followers, some will only have about 50 followers

Many people do not like Twitter because they don't know what to do. Others don't understand the purpose and I have even heard some getting frustrated from it.

For the new Twitter user, you will have to decide what your purpose will be for using it. Do you want to network? make new friends? grow your business? find a job? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you can do it on Twitter.

After you narrow down the use you want it for, start Tweeting, but not too fast. My advice is to look around and find other people you may know through the people search option. See what friends and family are Tweeting about. The best way to build your network is to write a lot or "Tweet." Your tweets are what will cause people to follow you. If you have no tweets or just a few, why would anyone be interested? Don't just tweet about what you ate for breakfast or how you are coming home from a movie, people are looking for original content that is anything else, you have to give them something worth looking at.

Follow other tweeters.

Find people through the search box (in the right hand column with the little magnifying glass) put in a subject you are interested in, for me, its social media. I will put in social media and the results will bring in anyone tweeting about social media. Then I will follow these people.

This process of tweeting involves following people and then seeing if their tweets are what you are looking for. Sometimes it means you'll follow someone for a while and then unfollow them because you find later that they are not that interesting. You will find a group of people that you enjoy tweeting with.

Use tools and get comfortable. Twitter can be a lot more than just
Use twitter tools such as Twitter Feed and don't be afraid to try many of them as their are over a hundred out there.

Another thing that I noticed happening with a few of those that I added yesterday is that the only thing they were using Twitter for was to promote their own content. While it's possible to do this I wouldn't advise it. People don't want to hear about your product or your business all day long.

Don't just promote your own material, promote others as well. Keep tweets on topic and interesting and your followers will thank you for the links that you suggest.

Following these steps will get you a fresh comfortable start on the most popular microblogging site.


About the Author:
Trying out about 3 new sites per week, Roxanne has chosen Social Media as her flavor. She spends several hours a day online, with a heavy focus on Facebook and Twitter. Learning, reading and sharing with other Social Medialites, Roxanne enjoys StumbleUpon in the place of her cup of coffee every morning. Combining Reddit, Digg, Blogger and Technorati, she recommends anyone to try out several pieces of Social Media and then narrow down to a few favorites that work for you based on your needs. Check out her blog at Social Media Rox.

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