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May 06, 2010
How Social Media Is Changing Your Company?
By Jay Baer
How does social media impact your internal organization? I'm delighted to have had the chance to interview technology consultant and author Phil Simon about how technology and social media adoption is changing companies. (Check out Phil's blog too)

Your new book The Next Wave of Technologies deals with how organizations can adopt and adapt to new processes and advances. Do you see social media participation as one of the hurdles businesses now need to successfully clear?

Absolutely. While many organizations have got social media religion, there are many others still swimming against the stream. Or, paradoxically, they claim to embrace social media while forbidding their employees from being on Facebook or Twitter.

As you know better than I, we are in the early innings of social media. My hunch is that, as more organizations are able to successfully utilize social media, the dominoes will start to fall. In many industries and in many types of organizations, however, that's not going to happen tomorrow. Change takes time.

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