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May 20, 2010
SEO Tactics For Promoting Your Website
By Israel Rothman
It never ceases to amaze me: that more people do not avail themselves of the following:

1. Submit to Google local, and Yahoo and MSN local business centers: it is still free, and it is still the most underutilized, free advertising out there: if you are too lazy go to and pay $30

2. Post partial posts on other blogs and groups - so simple: you write a great post like this one, post partial posts all over other blogs, Yahoo groups, Linked-in groups etc....

3. Start and manage a group that is on-topic - I do ot know why more people don't go to the trouble: but they don't: for instance my group I founded at Active Rain: - it has 810 subscribers and growing and only 415 posts, I would put to you that it is what I delete, that makes it successful, and not what I add, but it is still an available targeted marketplace for me.

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