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July 22, 2010
Focusing Your Business Locally
By Lyndi Thompson
Living in what used to be a fairly small town, Maple Valley has grown. The growth is so huge that small businesses that for years, even generations that were able to depend on word of mouth are finding themselves a bit overwhelmed competition with some big name brands. Our local Johnson's home and Garden found itself competing with a brand new Home Depot down the road. The local bakery is now not the only place to get great baked goods. Three grocery stores, a shiny new Costco all have great breads, donuts and pastries that are frosted with convenience. The small bakeries like Cj's Bakery and the Black Diamond Bakery are sitting in what seems to be the shadows of these big brands.

News Break: Small businesses are the economies core! In small businesses you find creativity, talent and hard working passionate and knowledgeable people that truly understand how to build great relationships. Yet, when it comes to marketing, without even bringing in terms like SEO, social media or PCC these small businesses are all hands on busy helping customers, maintaining their stores and balancing checkbooks to keep the doors open, marketing often becomes a chore job or even buried under a hundred other tasks. Most of you know, however these small businesses need to understand that Val-Pak isn't their only or best option.

In the case of CJ's Bakery they depend on wedding cake session. They have an amazing pink lemonade cake that with Bavarian cream in the middle amazes, inspires and makes me drool just thinking about it. Even if you lived a mile away how are you going to know about that great cake? How are you personally going to make the decision to choose CJ's Bakery as your wedding cake maker over places like Safeway, QFC or one of the hundreds of cake makers that you will meet at a wedding show?

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