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August 12, 2010
Learning Internet Marketing From Large Brands
By Denise OBerry
Whether your business is totally online, part brick and mortar / part online, or totally brick and mortar, you could benefit from watching what some of the big brands are doing. And your business is much more nimble than they are so you can respond faster to changing trends. But it takes action to do it. Are you taking the right actions to make the most of internet marketing for your business?

Here are some ideas for you. When I checked out at the local CVS store recently, I noticed that they were collecting customer email addresses on their cash register receipt. The timing is a smart idea. You're already in a buying mode, so why not take one more action? Here's an example.


They have all the important stuff on this receipt. An enticing offer ($4 coupon) to get you to part with your email address along with a disclaimer that they will guard it for you. The method is a bit clunky, but why not. I bet they're very successful.

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