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October 07, 2010
Have You Hired Your Own Virtual Assistant Yet?
By Stacy Karacostas
An article posted on Sept 27th, 2010 on Inc magazine's Website, reveals a new U.S. SBA report showing that federal regulations cost small businesses with 20 or fewer employees 36% more per employee than companies with 500 or more employees (Big thanks to Tom Egelhoff, host of Open for Business Radio Show in Montana for sending me the link!).

All I can say is "Ouch!" and "Good thing a lot of today's entrepreneurs can just outsource to Virtual Assistants (VAs) instead."

If you haven't hired your own VA team, and you're holding up your business growth trying to do it all yourself, take this as one more reason why it's a great idea. And add that to a list of other terrific reasons like:

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