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December 02, 2010
Are You Focusing Your Marketing Budget On Your Website?
By: Courtney Mills
2011 is set to be the year of websites for small businesses according to a recent study by Zoomerang and GrowBiz Media.

The study, reported by eMarketer, indicates that while overall marketing budget investment will remain at the same level in 2011, investment in websites and website marketing will receive a higher allocation of the budget.

The graph below outlines which areas of online marketing a small business currently concentrate their budgets spend on.

In 2010, 27% of small businesses (with 1000 or less employees) spent at least 30% of their marketing budget on online marketing and this is set to rise. 17% of the respondents in the study said they planned to increase the marketing budget for their website in 2011. Email marketing and social media won't be left out either. 15% of small businesses said they will increase their email marketing spend and 13% will increase their spend on social media.

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