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December 16, 2010
How Much Could Your Facebook Fans Be Worth?
By: Jennifer Moline
Facebook is one of the quickest ways in existence for companies to reach mass amounts of potential customers. Businesses can create their own Facebook pages, whether they are an internationally recognized chain or a local coffee shop.

Having a Facebook page gives a business several advantages:

* Instant updates to customers about sales, new products, and more

* Gives customers one-on-one feeling

* The business can get an idea for how many fans it has

* Free advertising to the fans' social networks of people

Since businesses can see how many people hit their "Like" button, speculation has started about how much each fan is worth in free advertising. Before you try to put a price to anybody, though, perhaps you should ask whether it's even possible. It's not as simple as counting the company's fans everything about the situation is a variable.

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