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April 07, 2011
Identifying Your Company's Hidden Potential
By: James Taylor
Table of contents for SAS Executive Global Forum 2011

Some announcements from SAS Global Forum
Leveraging customer data to drive business decisions
Identifying your company's hidden potential
SAS Executive Viewpoint from Jim Goodnight

Paul Nunes of Accenture presented some of his work at the Accenture Institute for High Performance. He began with a story – Zenith. Zenith did well in radios, got into television and rode that curve and as competition grew more intense they got into PCs and computers. But they sold off the computer business rather than the TV business and could not make it. Having rode several "S curves" they failed to jump onto the new one. So a company must be able to scale up an S curve AND know how to jump to a new one. And then another new one and another…. Accenture did some research into the companies that managed this.

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