Recently I had the opportunity to share my thoughts on collaboration in something I put together for

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July 26, 2012
Jacob Morgan The Collaborative Organization Manifesto
By Jacob Morgan
Recently I had the opportunity to share my thoughts on collaboration in something I put together for It's a bit of a manifesto which I think fits nicely as a precursor to The Collaborative Organization. In this document I try to focus a bit more on the broader need and implications for collaboration inside the enterprise. A good portion of the content in this document is actually not in the book, yet it is still quite relevant. I talk about the many moving parts that are required for collaboration to successfuly take place and explore the broader impacts of collaboration outside of the workplace, something which I find to be very interesting.

Here's the premise and concept behind the manifesto:

"The use of these new social and collaborative technologies and strategies are being deployed and implemented to solve many of these problems within the enterprise today. But, collaboration doesn't just benefit employees while they are at work, it also benefits them in their personal lives as well. [...]

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