International expansion can provide a startup with tremendous growth opportunities

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October 4, 2012
Dharmesh Shah Hatching An International Office: 6 Tips For Startups Going Global
By Dharmesh Shah
International expansion can provide a startup with tremendous growth opportunities. It allows your company to grow faster by casting a wider net, and helps diversify your revenue stream. While global expansion can be an exciting time, it's a significant undertaking and requires some careful planning and making some hard decisions.

Today, HubSpot announced its European Headquarters launch in Dublin, Ireland. As part of the HubSpot International team, I wanted to share some of our learnings with you.

Here are six important things to consider when expanding a startup internationally:

1. Follow your customers and prospects
To determine where your biggest global opportunity exists, take a look at your customer base. If 50% of your International customer base is in Europe and only 8% is in Latin America, it makes a lot of sense to choose Europe as your International HQ. Let your domestic team build your Latin American segment up to a point where it's ready for its own HQ. Make sure you have enough proven revenue in a [...]

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