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March 20, 2014
Arik Hanson Why I'm not using my laptop in meetings anymore
By Arik Hanson
Let me just get this out there before we start: I have lousy handwriting. So lousy, I can barely read my OWN handwriting. It’s chicken-scratch. It’s horrible. It’s unreadable.

What’s more, my hands hurt when I write with pen or pencil. I blame my elementary school teachers. After all, this must be someone’s fault, right?

Whatever the case, I can’t write with a pen to save my life and it hurts like hell when I do.

So, a number of years ago, I turned to the laptop.

I would take my laptop to every meeting. It was my primary note-taking device. I could type much faster than I could write. I was more efficient. And notes were actually readable. Oh happy, happy day. [...]

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