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Turns Out The Future Of The Office Isn’t An Office At All

By John Jantsch

September 17, 2015

This past week I made a business move that to me embodies a great deal of the change that’s gone on in business over the last few years.

I’ve owned my own business for twenty-years now and in some fashion have operated pretty much like most traditional small businesses. Sure I’ve been online longer than most, and I’ve never actually met my bookkeeper face to face, but I’ve also had an office with desks and chairs and printers and coffee pots and conference tables and servers and trash cans and supply closets and all the trappings of a standard office.

As my organization has grown over the years so too has my need for space and stuff to fill up space.

But a funny thing started to happen on the way to growth and change. As we moved things to the cloud we needed less physical stuff. As technology got better we needed fewer in-person meetings. As our reach expanded nationally and then globally we started to employ technology and engage talent wherever we found it.

My last office space – and by last I mean both [...]

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