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[2001-03-30] Partners in Skill Development? Tuition Reimbursement is Old News
"You don't go to school once in a lifetime; you are in school all of your life. That's why they call graduation 'commencement' - it's just the beginning." Harvey MacKay author of "Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive"

[2001-03-16] The Four Qualities of Work Team Coaching
Work team coaching differs from other forms of coaching, and it's more challenging in many ways. Business executives, athletes, and other self-driven achievers welcome a coach or mentor to push them to new heights. Hourly employees may be equally driven, but often resist being pushed. They are nevertheless eager to achieve more meaning in their work and life -- and this is the coach's key to bringing out their best.

[2001-03-12] Practicing Safe Stress at Work
People like doing business with people who like doing business. It's a simple truth that we like to associate with friendly, upbeat, positive-energy types of people in our personal lives. Customers choose professional services in much the same way. If you question that, just think how we choose to do business with an organization and why we choose to stop doing business with them.

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