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[2001-08-29] The Power of 90 Seconds
You can use the Power of 90 Seconds to transform your life. This power will allow you to:

[2001-08-24] Credit Card Solutions for Fledgling Businesses
When I first started out on the Internet, one of the things that was repeatedly hammered into my head was that I *had* to accept credit cards online.

[2001-08-22] Get Great Buys On Banner Ads And Make Them Produce Results
Banner ads are down but not out. The billboard-like Internet ads that appear on web sites everywhere don't pull the response they once did. Yet, today's much lower ad prices are giving many businesses an affordable and effective way to spread the word online.

[2001-08-22] Creating Your Own Employment Security
"Well, it's happening. My employer, the County Health and Welfare System, is buying me out. I leave in April, 2002. Seems like a long time from now, but I know it's really just around the corner. So how do I evaluate my skills? And how do I begin a new career? And how do I deal with the fear of the unknown, of the lack of income (other than the retirement check), of maybe working alone out of this office?"

[2001-08-20] Preventing Pain Caused By Long Periods of Computer Use
If you use a computer for much of your day you MUST take steps to prevent the crippling pain this can cause. The first thing to consider is the correct (ergonomic) set-up of your computer desk and chair.

[2001-08-02] Avoiding Spam, Scams and Computer Viruses
One of the most popular pages on is about avoiding scams, hoaxes and urban legends on the Internet ( Here are a few ways to avoid some of the perils associated with being connected to the rest of the world.

[2001-08-01] Turning the Internet Into Your Own Personal Cash Machine By Creating a Theme Store
One of the major keys to making money online is by developing your own Theme Store/World Center. I have heard it as both of these and also as the phrase "Community Building." No matter what you call it, the principle is the same. If you want a successful business online, you have to become valuable to your visitors. When your prospects think of a certain subject, whether it be Internet advertising, golf, pets, etc., you want them to think of you. For example, when you think of books online, what comes to your mind? For many of us, it is because they have a made a name for themselves in this area.

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