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[2001-10-22] Happy Emplyees are More Productive Employees: Small workplace-enhancing changes can reap big rewards
Happy Employees are More Productive Employees: Small workplace- enhancing changes can reap big rewards It's not surprising that employees cite compensation as the number one factor that makes them professionally satisfied these days.

[2001-10-18] Patience, Patience, Patience?
I recently received a call from one of my long-time hosting clients. I had submitted a website design proposal to this client more than a year ago, but the time wasn't right for them back then to have LRS do their web site design. However, frequent, friendly contact, plus support and guidance over the past year, finally paid off and we have been asked to design their site.

[2001-10-15] Picking Out A Good Designer, A Horror Story
Recently we ran across a company who had an advertisement in a local newspaper. It was a nice full page ad and at the bottom was a web address. Just the day before I was frantically searching the net in every search engine I could think of with no luck for this type of business. I was more than intrigued to pay this site a visit. Upon visiting the site I found a page in which I was supposed to be able to submit a request for an estimate. I spent quite some time explaining & detailing what I wanted & got to the bottom of the form where it said "press submit button to send". I looked & looked & looked again. No submit button! I spent a good 10 - 15 minutes carefully thinking out what I wanted to say and now I can't even get it in their hands because of a careless error?

[2001-10-01] Six Steps to Getting Published
Freelance writing is a rewarding way to work at home. As a writer, you have the special opportunity to influence what others think and do. You can touch emotions and possibly even change the course of a reader's life.

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