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[2002-03-22] The Art of Writing Effective Web Site Sales Copy
If you're selling a product or service on the Internet, your words are the most important factor in determining your success. High-tech web sites with fancy graphics won't make sales. However, many Internet entrepreneurs spend much more time designing a professional looking web site than writing effective sales copy. A professional looking web site is a very important part of making sales. However, if your sales copy is weak, your web site will be useless.

[2002-03-14] Dot-US Is Available!
Most countries have top-level domain names which end with their countries’ designated suffix, such as .ca(Canada), .uk(United Kingdom), etc. Finally, after many years of prodding, the U.S. government will allow individuals to register their own .us domain name. On Monday March 4th, 2002, the U.S. government will allow companies to register their trademark name with a .us suffix. After April 9th, anyone can register their name. The 35 registrars who have signed-up to sell the .us TLDs can do so to anyone who has a business in the United States or does business here. The U.S. Commerce Department selected the Washington D.C. company, NeuStar, to operate the name last year. NeuStar also works with the Australian company NeuLevel to operate the .biz TLD. Neustar will charge the 35 registrars US $35 per name and the registrars will charge us somewhere between $15-$30. Although 100,000 names have already been issued, they are mostly owned by state and local government agencies. When .us was first released, it wasn’t very popular because the name looked like However, now Neustar says that they will allow people to register their names which look like What a change! Lastly, Neustar promises that they can register and have your domain name operational in less than 15 minutes.

[2002-03-14] Recommendation Letters Demystified
There is a lot of confusion about recommendation letters. Recommendation letters are often referred to in a number of different ways including: letters of recommendation, reference letters, letters of reference, commendation letters, and sometimes even, performance evaluation letters.

[2002-03-06] Are You A Good Service Provider?
There was a time when the term 'Service Provider' had nothing to do with the Internet, dial up, cable connections or broadband. In fact, when hearing the term 'Service Provider,' most of us would automatically think of someone who simply provides a service. Despite the business, service or product we provide, we are all in essence "Service Providers.' As a matter of speaking when a client visits your site or business in search of a particular product or service, what most people are seeking is simply you.

[2002-03-03] No Job's Finished Until the Paperwork is Done
That time of year is quickly approaching... I'm talking about dreaded taxes! To make tax time easier this year and certainly next year, read on.

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