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[2002-04-19] 10 Things to Think About When You Run Your Own Seminar or Workshop
Experts on all kinds of subjects, at some point in their careers, often try to run seminars or workshops. There are lots of reasons why they do it, but the main one is money. These can be very lucrative money- spinners if done correctly.

[2002-04-17] The ART of Business Operations: Rules, Tools and Glue
Ok, so you're growing the business but have you paid attention to its infrastructure and the extent to which it can support this growth? In today's technically dependent work environment attention must be paid to the tools and glue that binds and keeps a business operation functioning efficiently while preventing it from falling apart under the pressure of expansion. Personal computers have become to the office of today, what hand calculators were thirty years ago, you've got to have them. They are the tools for today's highly efficient operation, permitting team members to organize, communicate, manipulate and produce a number of products efficiently to support the business.

[2002-04-17] Calling the CEO – It’s More Important (and Trickier) Than You Realize
When was the last time you called the CEO of your very best account? If you're like most of the people I work with, you had to think twice about your answer - or, even worse, you don't even know the CEO's name! This state of affairs, in my experience, is an excellent way to set up the humbling phenomenon known as "losing your biggest source of revenue the instant your competitor targets it." Feeling a little sheepish now? Good. That's a necessary prerequisite. Keep reading.

[2002-04-17] Prepare Any Presentation in 10 Minutes
Lack of preparation is the number one challenge to making a good presentation and we must all learn an effective process of preparation. In my preparation, this process includes the 3-D Outline™ (describing the What, the Why, and the How) and will cut your preparation time in half!

[2002-04-17] What CEOs Who Sell Know
At some level, of course, all business leaders must "sell." But why do so many CEOs, owners, or presidents either remove themselves from the sales process altogether ... or limit sales exchanges to "closing" or "top-dog" meetings?

[2002-04-16] Capitalizing On Your Moments of Truth
A territory sales rep for Upjohn communicated with her actions when she was denied the opportunity to communicate with words. She was making a joint sales call with her boss, the district manager. The doctor they were calling on worked at a medical clinic that was located on the twelfth floor of a high-rise office building in downtown Los Angeles. It's important to remember here that most doctors don't like to meet with pharmaceutical sales reps. The reason is there are lots of them, they are young and aggressive, they think they know everything so they insult the doctor's intelligence and often promise things on which they don't follow through.

[2002-04-16] Eight Sources of Negotiating Power and How to Get More
Negotiating power plays a major role in every type of negotiation, whether it's a labor negotiation, political negotiation, or a buy-sell negotiation. Both the buyer and the seller have power in a negotiation. Power is each side's perception of its strength or weakness in comparison to the other. This perception of power affects the ability of each party to achieve its own goals. The more negotiating power you have in comparison to that of your buyer, the fewer concessions you'll have to make.

[2002-04-16] The Secret to Working Smarter - Get Your Customers to Sell For You
The biggest single mistake people who are trying to become successful make is that they try to do it by themselves. That represents the hard way of trying to become successful. The smart way is to get people to help you and the more help you get, the faster you'll get there. Joe Girard got into the Guinness Book of World Records as the World's "Number-One New Car Salesman" by selling 1,425 cars in one year. What a phenomenal individual accomplishment! The question is, how did he do it?

[2002-04-15] 10 Tips for Winning Sales Presentations
The sales presentation is your chance to show and tell, but it's not all show and tell. You also need to think strategically about the customer's buying process and their needs, your competitors' offerings and why your solution is best. Here are 10 keys to planning a delivering a winning sales presentation.

[2002-04-15] 7 Common Customer Negotiating Tactics
You can have the best product, with the lowest price and the best terms, and still your customers will ask for a better deal. Why? Because it usually works! Customers know that when they maneuver for a better deal, they usually get it. However, when you are prepared for their ploys, and respond appropriately, you'll close more sales without giving away the store. Here are seven common negotiating tactics that customers get taught in negotiations school:

[2002-04-15] Understanding Buying Is Where Selling Should Start
As salespeople, many of us have been conditioned to see things through our own eyes and our sales behaviors are based on these perceptions. Seeing a buy/sell relationship only through our own eyes, however, should be a thing of the past.

[2002-04-15] Compensation Can Be Creative
As stores seek innovative ways to increase sales, compensation ideas have become creative as well. And, some of your best ideas might even come from the salespeople themselves. As you evaluate some of the options available to you, here are some points to keep in mind.

[2002-04-15] Leveraging Talent
In today's increasingly complex business world, companies are seeking ways to make sure they have the talent they will need to compete now and in the future. Securing and retaining the right skills and competencies is fundamental to the growth and vitality of any organization.

[2002-04-15] Six Keys to More Powerful Sales Meetings : Plan Conclusions that Get Action
To achieve maximum value from your next sales meeting, prepare the ending first. Throughout history, great leaders have inspired others to action by preparing, then delivering carefully constructed conclusions to speeches. Lincoln's, "Government of the people, by the people, for the people . . . ," Patrick Henry's, "Give me liberty or give me death," and John Kennedy's, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" are a few examples.

[2002-04-15] Selling Recognition to Top Management
For every recognition program there comes a time when you need to sell top management on the benefits of what you are doing --- to gain the support and credibility that comes from top management endorsement. For some programs this is before you start; for others, it is to be able to continue or expand funding. Here are three ways you can influence top management in your organization about the importance of employee recognition:

[2002-04-05] Increase the Buying Frequency From Your Customers
Kevin Clark ("Mr. Entrepreneur") is a high-energy champion for those who want to start a business or get more profit out of their business. He's a regional winner of the prestigious Entrepreneur Of The Year Award and was inducted into the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame.

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