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[2002-11-29] Return To The Basics For Web Success
I was watching Barry Bonds, of baseball's San Francisco Giants, when he hit a home run recently. At age 38, he is the most feared and respected hitter in the game. For those that don't know, last year he broke the single season homerun record and this year his batting average led the majors.

[2002-11-27] Why Write a Sales Letter for Each Product?
Authors/publishers are great at getting their books written, but after the initial one-year honeymoon, sales slow down. To counter this make sure your book or any product or service you offer will keep on selling from the first day, the first year, even for life. Write a short sales letter for each one. Whether you have a Web site or not, you can write a first class, must-buy-now sales letter. For each of my teleclasses I write one; for each eBook I write one. I even write one for my bookcoaching services.

[2002-11-27] Holiday Party Business Building Strategies
As the holiday season swings into full gear, many small business owners start to sweat about how to make business contacts in the next few weeks. You don't need to worry. The holiday season is a profitable time to build your business - if you know how to do it. Here are ten tips to help you build your business at holiday parties.

[2002-11-15] Is Your MS Word Going To Waste?
Are you getting your money's worth out of your software? If you're like most people, you only use about 10% of the potential of the products you buy. That could mean that you're buying multiple pieces of software that all perform the same tasks! That's a gigantic waste of money that no one can afford. This is precisely what I found in regard to Microsoft Word. Like most people who buy Microsoft Word, I initially used it exclusively for word processing and nothing else. Upon the recommendation of a colleague, however, I began to dig deeper into all the various tools that Word offers. Here are just a few things I discovered that Microsoft Word can do:

[2002-11-14] Letting Go Of Coattails
If you're looking for a way to make money from home and you've been online for any length of time you will have quickly become aware of the preponderance of business opportunity sites and ads for many and varied business opportunities.

[2002-11-12] Office Gossip: An HR Challenge
"Lies, rumors, and office gossip have always been an entrenched part of the workscape," says Samuel Greengard, in his article, "Gossip Poisons Business: HR Can Stop It," and if you've worked in an office, you know that's true. For some, it's just static, but it can get out of control, be harmful to the target, and cause risk for management.

[2002-11-08] Keeping It In the Family
I'm sure you've heard this dreaded statistic before: the failure rate of all start-up businesses is around the 90% mark. Add to that the further distinctly unpleasant fact that roughly 50% of all marriages end in divorce and you can quickly see that the odds of your new small business succeeding, already slim, become positively anorexic if you run your business in partnership with your spouse. So, what are some of the key challenges faced by newly entrepreneurial couples and what can YOU do to reduce the chances of becoming a statistic?

[2002-11-04] "How To Run An Online Business... From The Road"
Running an online publishing business really lends itself to mobility. Giving you the freedom to live as you would like, while running your business, is the appeal of the internet as a powerful money making vehicle.

[2002-11-01] Ezine Subscribers Want More than a Free Ezine
An ezine is an essential part of an online business.

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