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[2003-02-11] 10 Tips for Ezine Publishers
1) Many Ezine Publishers use too many styles of separators in their Newsletter. I recently saw an Ezine that used no less than 7 different separators: ++++++ ------ ~~~~~~ \ ...... ====== ****** This confuses the reader and makes your Ezine difficult to read. Your Newsletter will look much smarter and be much easier to read if you use just one or two styles of separator.

[2003-02-11] 7 Useful Free Services For E-publishers
If you want to have an online business, without doubt, you should have your own newsletter. Why is that important? Most people won't buy your product on their first visit to your web site. They need your advice to buy exactly your product because "it is the best, the cheapest" etc. You can tell them when you will make an update, to visit your site again, and so you get repeat visits. You should provide some useful content in your newsletter to make them stay as your subscribers.

[2003-02-08] Downsizing: Who Is The Real Loser?
Studies reflect fewer than 30 percent of downsizing efforts have achieved anticipated profitability. This statistic suggests the real downsizing losers are organizations and stockholders. Similarly, the low unemployment figures reflect that downsized workers are no longer helpless victims. Many organizations are downsizing in one area while ramping up hiring in other areas. This decrease and expansion procedure has been coined as employee churning and this practice contributes to financial losses. The good news is every market imbalance finds ways to correct itself, and modifying strategies during downsizing can increase the statistics of profitability and organizational success.

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