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[2003-04-30] Business Success Checklist
How do you start to plan your business? What is required? What should you research? Where do you start? Use the checklist below to guide you as you build a strong, solid business foundation.

[2003-04-29] How To Turn Non-Deductible Commuting Mileage Into A Legitimate Business Expense
For most folks, commuting mileage is a non-deductible expense -- unless you know the little tax trick I'm about to reveal. The non-deductibility of commuter miles is painfully true for the employee who fights rush hour traffic every day, twice a day, for 5 to 10 hours a week.

[2003-04-24] Are Headhunters Calling You... Or Ignoring You?
In my former life as a recruiter (also affectionately referred to as "headhunter") I received hundreds of resumes a week from all parts of the country. The statement that a person's resume gets a 15 second read is not far from the truth. In fact, 15 seconds is a generous assumption. In reality, a resume must capture the recruiter's attention in the first five seconds to avoid the round file. Candidates can greatly improve their chance of catching the recruiter's attention by following three simple rules: use the correct format, include plenty of quantifiable accomplishments and sprinkle liberally with appropriate keywords.

[2003-04-24] Practice Career Management to Avoid Career Crisis
Have you ever been caught in career crisis-sudden downsizing that finds you without a job, without prospects for a job, and without contacts who can refer you to jobs? Job seekers in career crisis make decisions based on fear and expediency rather than logic and clear planning. Career management helps one avoid career crisis.

[2003-04-24] 4 Cover Letters for 4 Job-Search Strategies
If you are like many who have resolved to move your job search into high gear, don't forget the importance of the cover letter as part of your self-marketing materials. The cover letter is essential for creating a positive first impression. Additionally it answers questions such as:

[2003-04-23] Learn the Warning Signs of Potential Job Loss
Shock. Surprise. Bewilderment. Denial. Confusion. Paralysis. Anger. Depression. The words represent just a few of the emotions you may feel when you lose your job. Even though others may know your fate, you're not likely to hear about it. Or, if the handwriting is on the wall about your department's elimination, the news may not actually sink in because we have an amazing ability to disregard unpleasant facts. We define ourselves and others by the jobs we hold no matter what our level. Any change is likely to be threatening since our real fear is economic. How will we and our families survive?

[2003-04-22] Developing Efficient Meetings
How would you describe meetings you have attended in the past?

[2003-04-22] Building Strong Leaders Around You
In today's business world, conflicts are inevitable, but they don't have to be costly or time-consuming.

[2003-04-20] The Top 10 Attributes of the Kind of Person Likely to be the Victim of Mobbing or Bullying at Work
WHO ARE THE VICTIMS? Karl Aquino, Ph.D., associate professor of management at U. of Delaware thinks mobbing, bullying and harassment are on the rise because of the increasing number of young managers. "With age, people are better able to handle stress or mistreatment without passing it down," he says.

[2003-04-18] How to Organize Your Job Search
Your job search can be enjoyable and successful! It takes organization and persistence. It is also valuable to have a well-focused goal. After all, searching for a job is a job in itself!

[2003-04-18] How To Write A Powerful Thank You Note
Perfect, your cover letter and resume secured an interview - the interview went brilliantly. You're confident they are interested in you. Now, you just have to wait for the offer, right? …WRONG.

[2003-04-17] Strategic Alliances - Two Heads Are Better Than One
Many of us have heard the term "strategic alliance", but how do we find the right one and how can it help our businesses?

[2003-04-17] Advice For The Shy Salesperson
I am very shy. As a salesperson, what should I do to persuade my customers?

[2003-04-17] Skills + Stories: Two Solutions For Handling Sales Objections
Question: My institution is small and not very well known among customers at this point. How can I handle fundamental objections such as, "We prefer to work with organizations we already have a relationship with," or "I haven't heard of you before"?

[2003-04-11] Ways To Reduce Spam In Your Inbox
After years of internet experience I've learned ways to keep Spam out of my personal email accounts. Below you will find a few tricks in keeping Spam AWAY!

[2003-04-07] What Ideal Team Work Looks Like: Decluttered
I got a new website designed, up and running last week. Yes, last WEEK. And it was no cookie-cutter either. I'm well-organized, but the speed with which Nancy, the web designer, worked was amazing.

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