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[2003-05-30] Business Success is Rooted in Sales
When I launched my first business I had a wildly mistaken view of what business actually is. First off, I thought an enterprise was about money. I thought business was about the accumulation, budgeting and the careful spending of dollars. Certainly that's part of business. But it's not the important part. I also mistakenly thought business was about creating a high-quality product or service that was compelling and clearly needed. Nope, not even close.

[2003-05-26] The Concept of the "Free Agent" in the Workplace
In 1997, my boss (ex-military) was telling me what he had to offer me-a 401k and he was nailing down disability insurance. I was not impressed, as he micro-managed me, harassed me in public from time-to-time, and continued with his unspoken but blatantly obvious policy of hiring ex-military men in recovery.

[2003-05-23] The Shocking Tax Benefits Of Section 179
Hi Wayne: What can you tell me about Section 179? I own a small business and have heard that I can obtain a substantial tax benefit by purchasing a new vehicle. I was told that to obtain the most benefit I should purchase a vehicle with at least 6000 lb. Gross Vehicle Weight. How much benefit could I expect and do I have to maintain ownership for any specific length of time? If I purchase late in the year can I still utilize the deduction? Is there anything I should be aware of that could bite me if I'm not careful?

[2003-05-21] The Make-Break Point: Your USP
Your USP (Universal Selling Proposition) will make or break your business. Let me put this differently. With a great USP, success is nearly assured. Without one, you will be at best, just an also-ran, someone struggling to remain in the race.

[2003-05-16] Create your own path
Tired of watching other workers advance their career as you continue to exceed all expectations in your position? If you have experienced this situation, even once, you know that you can't continue to wait for others to decide when you should be offered a promotion. Even if you are not ready to make a job change today, you will benefit from knowing how to put into action a successful self-promotion plan.

[2003-05-16] The Power Of A Free Sample
This past February 6th was a big day for me; it was the 15th anniversary of the day I met my wife. Not only do I remember the exact day, I remember the exact moment. I was hosting a party at my apartment that night, and Linda showed up on the recommendation of a mutual friend. I clearly remember going downstairs to answer the doorbell, and wondering who the beautiful woman was waiting for me in the lobby.

[2003-05-15] Ordinary People, Extraordinary Business
One of the marks of an extraordinary human being is someone who knows what he or she wants and goes after it. They have the courage of their convictions, surround themselves with good people and are not afraid to risk. Recently while listening to an interview on 60 minutes, I had the good pleasure of being inspired and encouraged by an extraordinary gentleman by the name of Mr. James Goodnight, CEO of SAS. I have since discovered that SAS is the largest privately held software company in the world and I now know why.

[2003-05-14] Corporate Manslaughter Concentrates the Mind of the CEO Wonderfully
Accident Investigation is responsible, effective and helps the bottom line.

[2003-05-12] Developing Competitive E-Newsletter Content
Hi Michael: Do you have any suggestions for gathering content? I like to write, but I know I'll need to include the work of others since I dont have the time to research and write full time. I've seen sites like but find that the subjects I need are not there.

[2003-05-10] Five Easy, Pain-free Ways To Boost Your Productivity
Commit to following these five strategies for a month, and you'll be more productive --- that's a promise.

[2003-05-07] Ten great ways to crush creativity
As economic upheaval rocks the business world it is tempting to batten the hatches, wait for the calm and pray that you'll emerge. But a more productive reaction would be to start innovating. Creativity, if used effectively, can be the ideal way to improve business operations, bolster staff morale and adapt for the future. The sad fact is that those companies that have not prepared for the up-turn will inevitably stand to lose market share.

[2003-05-07] Control Employees By Controlling Yourself
Dear EQ Coach: My administrative assistant is quite young (22) and often displays her emotions in an inappropriate manner when things aren't going well at home or with her family. Though I think I treat her very compassionately, and grant her a lot of flexibility, there are times that her sour, combative moods become unbearable-especially when at these times she also often arrives late to work and doesn't perform her tasks with care or accuracy and does not provide me the assistance I need in a timely manner. How can I tell my assistant that her behavior and attitude are unprofessional and not acceptable without making things worse?

[2003-05-06] Productivity and Your Business
Productivity. Has a nice sound to it, don't you think? Positive. Upbeat. Forward-looking. Something we probably all should be seeking to improve. Unfortunately, the word does not have the same meaning for all.

[2003-05-06] Surviving Corporate Cost Reductions
Cost reduction, reduction in force, reorganization - these days, these words continue to echo through many corporations.

[2003-05-06] Bye, Bye Sales Force
Gary Brighten, a GM engineer, logs on the Williams Controls website and goes to the GM-secure area. He clicks to the file he's been working on all week, a CAD program that lets him design the farm equipment part he needs. He finishes the design and sends the program over to the sales department after filling out the online purchasing order. In six weeks, 278 GM farm equipment dealerships will receive a supply of the part. He didn't visit with one sales rep. He didn't fax over a paper purchase order. He never talked to a human being. It didn't even take a sales rep to get him to participate online. Brighten's boss talked Williams into offering the service.

[2003-05-06] Clients Who Delay Making a Decision
More and more salespeople are facing sales situations in which clients are delaying the close. To begin to get the sale back on track the salesperson has to first really understand what is causing the delay. Is it really a delay? Does the opportunity exist? If so, what are the best steps to regain momentum? By knowing why the deal is on hold you can plan a strategy that can help remove the obstacle. You also must find a way to create a sense of urgency and remain positive and not show signs of frustration. Let's look at each of these:

[2003-05-05] Inspiration Has Job Security
The deadline for your ezine was yesterday. You have nothing to say. The last week you have spent preparing for a vacation, working overtime at your day job, fighting with your girlfriend. Just fill in the blank. Oh wait, you don't have to. Somehow there is always an excuse to fill that blank. So, what do you do now?

[2003-05-05] Are You Missing Your Chance to Work at Home?
Have you missed the turnoff that leads to your dream of working at home? Wouldn't that be disappointing? No one likes to think that they have wasted their chance, missed their opportunity. But that's exactly what happens to many.

[2003-05-05] Design Professionals Save You Money
There have been several times in my career that I have been called in to fix or finish out a design project where the client was trying to do a lot of the design work themself. This can be a costly and often time-consuming mistake on the part of the client. In today's highly charged hospitality and foodservice environment the client/operator needs all the competitive edge he can get. The requirements and design documentation needed to obtain all the permits needed to build or remodel hospitality facilities is staggering.

[2003-05-05] Stretching Out: How To Get A Comfortable Airline Seat
Window, aisle, or bulkhead, it matters where you sit, especially if you don't want to spend the flight inspecting the top of the head of the passenger in front of you. Here are some tips for getting a comfortable airline seat:

[2003-05-05] This Was Not Addressed In The Workplace…
So you're working at home now! No more of those annoying workplace issues that have filled several volumes of professional journals. They're all behind you, a faint, unpleasant memory. Of course, working at home has no such…challenges?

[2003-05-05] How To Avoid Losing Money As Your Local Currency Keeps Depreciating
Have you lost money because your local currency depreciated against major currencies? What is your hedging strategy? If live in a developing country and invest in local investments instruments, you will agree that devaluation of local currencies is by far the number one reason why most good projects do not yield returns promised by promoters and fund managers.

[2003-05-01] Keep 'Em If You Got 'Em: 3 Ways To Build Customer Loyalty
The most valuable, sustainable, defensible asset that any professional service business has is its existing relationships. Everything else (everything else) about you and the way you do business can be copied almost overnight by a competitor.

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