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[2003-06-23] Downtime Strategies For Building eBusiness
When I first began my business I would freak out every time the phone stopped ringing, until I learned the importance of the down times. Now whenever they occur, I simply get away from it for a little while. It seemed that whenever I watched and waited nothing happened but when I left the situation and put my mind on something else, things shifted. By changing my focus, new ideas would bubble up and I would feel more creative. So although it may seem as if you've done all you can, more than likely there's a whole lot you haven't tried yet.

[2003-06-19] Reporting Your Depreciable Property
Hi Wayne: Can I ask you for one more piece of advice? (Two parter)(all on Schedule C) I bought several hard drives/ls-120 drives/ram chips/2 monitors/extra Keyboards/Mice, etc.; all for backups (The "What-If?!" stuff)...

[2003-06-19] Deducting Your Next Vehicle Purchase
I have two related quesitons about the section 179 code on deducting a vehicle purchase for my business. First, do I have to be incorporated? And second, does the vehicle have to be registered in the namy of a company, or can it be registered in my name (as a sole proprietor)?

[2003-06-17] The New Guide To Winning Venture Capital
First let me say that "yes Virginia" there will be IPOs this year. And yes there will again be overnight millionaires. What do you have to do to get those venture guys in Silicon Valley to give you the money you need to make everyone wealthy?

[2003-06-10] Making a Difference
"All customers care about today is price. It doesn't matter if your product (service) is better, lasts longer or enables them to do more things. If you don't have the lowest price, you lose." Sound familiar? I can't tell you how many times I've heard discouraged sellers say various iterations of that quote in the past couple years.

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