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[2003-07-23] Financing Your Business
Finding the capital you need to finance your business can be a confusing and complicated process. Many great ideas stumble at this stage of business building.

[2003-07-23] Overcoming Poor Coworker Relationships
Granted. You can't always get along with everybody. There are some people on this earth who simply won't allow you to make friends with them. However, at some point in life, you are likely to come upon a situation where a good relationship with a coworker has become strained for one reason or another.

[2003-07-23] When Calling "Technical Support" You Should Also Reach "Customer Service"
Technical support has long been the department in corporations that offers guidance when end-users have difficulty with mechanical or technological processes. Most of us call a tech support department to ask questions about our computer, our VCR, our satellite dish or perhaps our Internet service. For those of you who manage a technical support team, let me make a gentle reminder that tech support should also provide customer service.

[2003-07-22] Resignation Letters: Don't Let Yours Backfire On You...
It turns out that "tips and templates on how to write resignation letters" is the third most sought-after information at my Writing Help Central Web site.

[2003-07-18] Computer Injury: No Laughing Matter
You might not think of computers as "dangerous" machinery, but those of us who use them for sustained periods are at risk of doing ourselves serious injury. That is, if your worklife or your business operation depends upon your ability to use a computer, and you develop a condition that prevents you from doing so, that meets my criteria for a serious injury.

[2003-07-11] Article Writing Tips for Non-Writers
Although there are many types of articles you can write to help you promote your business, i.e. features, interviews, etc. I'm going to teach you how to write the two easiest forms of articles that will help you get the sale.

[2003-07-11] Year-to-date: Evaluating Your Business Goals
You have permission to publish this article in your ezine or on your web site, free of charge, as long as the bylines are included. A courtesy copy of your publication would be appreciated.

[2003-07-09] What to Write About When There's Nothing Left to Write About
You sit down to write the first article for your third issue. That's when it hits you. There's nothing left to write about!

[2003-07-07] Turn Your Clients into Partners.
Ideally, a business partner promotes your business; they're always on the lookout for new markets, and they work to find ways to improve your product or service.

[2003-07-05] When the Watering Hole Shrinks
I've heard it said that when the watering hole shrinks, the animals look at each other differently. That's the way it is at work when downsizing is occurring, too.

[2003-07-04] Change-Proficiency
You just got downsized, you just got a new boss, your partner just broke up with you, you just found out you're going to be a father, you've enrolled in college, you just got married, your son just had a daughter, you've been transferred, you've been promoted, you're going into the army now . what do all these things have in common? Change!

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