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[2003-08-28] How Great Copywriting Sizzles For The Sale
Great copywriting really ticks me off. No, I mean it. In fact I think I already wrote an article about it. It was called "Why I Hate Compelling Ad Copy" if I remember right.

[2003-08-26] Keeping Employees Happy
The Basics Recent research identified the following factors that employees consider necessary to be content at work:

[2003-08-20] Characteristics of Successful Investors
I have written many times about something that most investors largely ignore: The role of the investor's own characteristics in determining how well he/she does as an investor. Perhaps this statement seems a little abstract and therefore it is easy to disregard it especially coming from someone such as myself whom most readers probably have yet to hear of.

[2003-08-19] One Day At A Time
As complicated as we all try to make it out to be, successful results depend on just three things: Small steps, focused energy, and consistent action. Permit me to share a real life story with you about this.

[2003-08-19] Get the Leader's Edge
No matter what position you now hold, you can acquire and use leadership skills to stand out and move forward. Here is how a successful football coach did it. Combine his rules with the results of the research study I've written about and you'll have the foundation for a successful career.

[2003-08-19] Eight Ways To Save Time By Putting Routine Business Tasks On "Autopilot"
Your time is valuable! Why do mundane tasks that your computer or that computer software can do?

[2003-08-18] Bob Nelson on Recognition: Why Managers Donít Recognize Their Employees
Although the concept of positive reinforcement and the related principle that you get what you reward are well-founded in the psychology literature, the effective use of positive reinforcement by practicing managers is uneven and often totally lacking in day-to-day business operations. My Ph.D. study explored the conditions that enable or inhibit the use by managers of non-monetary recognition (NMR).

[2003-08-18] An Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Program for Your Employees Can Lower Your Chances of Being Sued & Lower the Settlement If You Are Sued
Bullying, mobbing and hostile workplace are not currently illegal in the US. However according to The Workplace Bullying and Trauma Institute (WBTI), the first legislation on bullying went to the California legislature (AB 1582) in February of this year.

[2003-08-18] The Right Way to Let an Employee Go
There will be times when you have to let an employee go. The way you handle it determines how smooth the process will be. Here are some strategies that top managers use:

[2003-08-07] Dealing with Information Overload
Regardless of the type of career or title that you have, you are dealing with information overload. It has been a plight that you have dealt with for a few years now and here are some skills to help get-a-grip on all of the "stuff" coming your way:

[2003-08-07] The 10 Golden Work Attitudes
Although every work environment has its own peculiarities and, therefore, its own unique approach requirements, there may still be some general points to ponder in every setting. These points, based on positive organizational behavior, have proven to work through times, cultures, and work environments. They may do it for you too!

[2003-08-06] Business Report Writing Tips
Let's assume that you have to write a document for work or study. Your instructions consist of the title that you are to use and nothing else. Could you -- with only the title as a guide -- write a suitable document?

[2003-08-06] How to speak Well?
Do you get tongue-tied while speaking to strangers or office-colleagues? Or, the thought of giving a presentation/speech to a group of people sends a rattle snake up your spine? Your voice turns viscous, your knees go weak, and your spirit leaves you to stroll on another planet?

[2003-08-01] Sell the whole enchilada
When it comes to recruiting, are you selling the whole enchilada? Competitive compensation is a key factor in attracting talented employees. But there's a whole lot more to compensation than just salary and health insurance.

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