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[2003-09-30] Invite Self-Managed Staff
"Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them to become what they are capable of being." - Goethe

[2003-09-30] Instant Sales Letter Profit Boosters!
1) Greet Your Perfect Prospect Directly Instead of starting your letter out with a "Dear Friend" salutation, address your perfect prospect directly...

[2003-09-24] How to Master the Financial Side of Your Business
I conducted a survey recently to determine the degree to which small business owners have their cash flow under control. The survey results showed that only 20% of business owners feel like they have the cash flow of their business under control. That means 8 out of every 10 business owners are trying to manage their business without having the financial side of their business under control.

[2003-09-24] The Power of Keeping Lists
How do you balance work and family, keep things from falling out of the loop, and be as productive as possible at all times? These questions plague people in all walks of life - Home office professionals, CEOs & Executives, and Domestic Engineers too.

[2003-09-24] Advertising 101
Advertising has truly become a part of all of our lives as consumers, as business owners, as parents, as concerned citizens. We simply cannot escape from its presence no matter how hard we try. Considering how pervasive advertising is in our daily lives, it's no surprise that people have such extreme views about it.

[2003-09-22] Put the "Vacate" in Vacation
There's a good reason why we call it a vacation. It's the time that we set aside to forget all the have-to's and should's of daily life and indulge in rest and recreation. In fact, it's re-creation! Reduce your stress. Relieve your anxieties. Relax your body. Rest your mind.

[2003-09-16] Want PR's Full Value?
Make sure somebody is worrying about those outside audience behaviors you need to help reach your objectives.

[2003-09-16] A CEO with Emotional Intelligence
Herb Kelleher was on my recent Southwest Airlines flight from San Antonio to Dallas - of all things! As you know, he was the president of Southwest, the man who made it a success. Then he resigned, I think he must be about 70, and is now Chairman of the Board. Whatever his title, he still considers himself "Southwest Airlines" and so will you if you ever meet him.

[2003-09-15] The Successful Manager: 12 Tips To Maximize Your Performance
There are so many aspects to management! Your staff responsibilities run the gamut from goal-setting to hiring through performance appraisals. Here are 12 tips that will help.

[2003-09-08] Dress Code & Business Etiquette
Does it matter what you wear to work? Heavens yes. Like it or not, many decisions are made on first impressions. You'll be quickly checked over for cleanliness, grooming, and what you have on. It's part of business etiquette.

[2003-09-08] Enhancing Productivity
Here are a variety of tips from one of my recent seminars that will help you enhance your productivity. They've all been used by top managers with great results.

[2003-09-04] Team Learning and Emotional Intelligence
Studies show introducing an EQ program at your business affects the bottom line positively ( ). People learn to: - Make better decisions - Communicate and work together more effectively - Develop tolerance and appreciation for multiculture and diversity - Manage constructive discontent - Cope better and experience less stress - Manage themselves and others better - Become more productive and change-proficient - Increase leadership skills - Accommodate to both introverts and extraverts - Become aware of mimetic changes - Reach others with communication and learning styles different than their own - Use solution-focused problem-solving, not emotion-focused

[2003-09-02] Doubt PR's Clout? Don't!
Done right, it helps modify the behaviors of your most important target audiences, and that can spell S-U-R-V-I-V-A-L. I don't believe that's an overstatement because a customer who thinks badly of you and your business will not soon be darkening your threshold.

[2003-09-02] If Marketing is an Expense, Then You're Doing It Wrong
What do many companies do when sales are low? They cut costs, all costs, even marketing costs. They say, "Marketing is an expense. We're cutting expenses. Period."

[2003-09-02] Get Serious About Your Web Business
So much has been said about this subject in the past but I feel I must reiterate the importance of getting your own domain name if you are to be taken serious in the home business world. There is nothing more offputting than seeing an ad with a free domain name attached (ie I personally will bypass such businesses.

[2003-09-02] What Is "Best Practice" Public Relations?
Why, public relations that stays true to its fundamental premise, of course. In a nutshell, "People act on their own perception of the facts before them, which leads to predictable behaviors about which something can be done. When we create, change or reinforce that opinion by reaching, persuading and moving-to-desired- action those people whose behaviors affect the organization, the public relations mission is accomplished."

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