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[2003-10-27] Little Things Mean A Lot
Each day, in the news, we read about the merging of companies, banks and multinational corporations into ever bigger entities. As they grew bigger, they gain more leverage, more control, and greater monopoly of the markets, thus assuring the slow but steady demise of small concerns. Thus we can easily understand why most people think big is better. So, why are we talking about the little things?

[2003-10-27] The Phrase That Pays: Keeping Interview Questions Legal
We've all heard lists of illegal interview questions, but we're rarely offered alternative queries that will elicit needed information without drawing lawsuits. Here are 6 safe, effective alternatives to forbidden questions:

[2003-10-23] Has Everyone in Your Office Been Grafted, So There's No More Evolving?
Has everyone in your office been grafted so there's no more evolving? Let's say the "party line" is demanded of everyone, like a graft on a plant, so eventually everyone's thinking the same way.

[2003-10-23] Affiliate Merchants: Top Tools For Your Success
As an affiliate program owner running a program internally, you'll want to have software which is user-friendly and provides the tools and reporting for affiliates to become successful (which means that you make more $$$). You'll want to be able to concentrate on marketing and/or improving your products, perfecting your websites to increase conversions, recruiting new affiliates and supporting the ones that you have.

[2003-10-16] 4 Tips To Get Visitors To Click
On many sites, it's impossible to lead visitors straight to your primary goal on the home page. Getting visitors to take your most-desired action often means you have to use your home page to channel them down a certain path. You have to guide visitors through a set of choices before they can actually complete the action you want them to take.

[2003-10-14] Getting More From Your Communications
Managers in small companies have a lot more opportunity for face-to-face contacts, while managers in large companies need tools for mass communication. The key in either scenario is to choose the appropriate vehicle for conveying the type of information that you typically share with your employees.

[2003-10-07] The Ten “Golden-Rules” of Selling the Way CEO’s Sell
Can I have a Minute of Your Time? Some of the most advanced sales tactics I've ever seen were demonstrated during a weekend seminar given by two purposeful, motivated, passionate salespeople who truly know how to build relationships with executives. These two pros are persuasive and relentlessly positive.

[2003-10-06] Getting Website Traffic is a System, Not a Secret
I launched a new website exactly 17 days ago - Sept. 17, 2003 - and that new site has already had over 700 pages viewed. It's important to note that I have not paid a single penny to promote this site, and I'm not generating random junk traffic.

[2003-10-03] Give Me $1 And I'll Have A Powerful Marketing Weapon
One of my most powerful marketing weapons costs me less than $1. I buy it once and it lasts me a lifetime. I use it over and over again and it never leaves my side.

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