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[2004-05-27] Winning The Fight Between You And The Clock
"Slaves to the clock" was the cover story in the March issue of CEO magazine.

[2004-05-27] 17 Tips for Bringing Your Event to Life
Your job as an event planner doesn't stop with the meeting in the company boardroom. You may be called upon to organize an employee appreciate event, an awards dinner, a product launch, the celebration of a company milestone, a gala recognizing a longtime employee's retirement, an incentive event for company's sales force, a fundraising event, a holiday celebration…the list goes on and on.

[2004-05-17] Ten Secrets of Super Successful Meeting Planners
Whoever said that being a meeting planner was easy, lied! Rather, it should be classified under the tough and demanding job category. But, along with being tough, it's also fun, exciting, exhilarating, stimulating, and never, never boring. You have the opportunity to go to exotic places, stay in luxurious hotels, and experience life from a totally different angle. Who could ask for anything more? For those of you ready to shoot me at this point, know that I fully understand your pain!

[2004-05-12] 10 Easy-to-Learn Tips On Handling Interruptions
Imagine this, a co-worker enters your office and says: "Cathy, could I talk with you for a minute? I'm having a real problem with...." You glance at your watch and think of the report that's due in an hour. What do you do?

[2004-05-04] Using Internet Direct Mail to Increase Your Company's Profits
"I want to sell my company's products on the Web, but how do I get potential clients to visit my site," a client asked recently. The answer is a strategy that has proven extremely effective for many different businesses…Internet Direct Mail.

[2004-05-04] How To Stop Junk Faxes From Wasting Your Paper and Toner
Junk faxes waste the resources of every business. It is estimated that they cost businesses tens of millions of dollars a year in wasted paper, toner and fax machine maintenance. There is nothing more aggravating then coming into the office each morning to find a pile of junk faxes promotion everything from mortgage refinancing to septic tank solutions. I don't even have a septic tank!

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