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[2004-09-28] 30 Tips for Keeping Meeting Expenses to a Minimum
Money makes the world go 'round. And when it comes to meeting planning, money can probably get you whatever you want. However, few event planners have the luxury of an unlimited budget. Your boss may like to drink champagne on a beer budget. In other words, caution you to spend less, but expect miracles at the same time.

[2004-09-23] Proofing Tips - Make a Good Impression With Error-Free Documents
Typos can hurt your sales. Apply the proofreading tips below to proof your documents. The type of document and purpose will determine how you proofread. Proofreading a legal document will be different from proofreading documents with multiple columns, numbers, or names.

[2004-09-21] Acing Your Performance Review
Most people roll their eyes when it comes time for performance reviews.

[2004-09-20] Survey Shows Employees Want Employers to Block Offensive Spam
Sophos conducted a poll of more than 1,000 computer users at small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) regarding the issue of spam.

[2004-09-17] Business Meeting Etiquette
Business etiquette is essentially about building relationships with colleagues, clients or customers. In the business world, it is these people that can influence your success or failure. Etiquette, and in particular business etiquette, is simply a means of maximising your business potential by presenting yourself favourably.

[2004-09-17] Business Etiquette
Business etiquette is in essence about building relationships with people. In the business world, it is people that influence your success or failure. Etiquette, and in particular business etiquette, is simply a means of maximising your business potential.

[2004-09-08] How to Keep Your Documents Readable
Your documents will be ineffective if your clients and prospects don't read them. Follow these guidelines to make your documents more readable and appealing.

[2004-09-07] Company Culture Your Best Employment Branding
The signs are in - the employment trend in Singapore is picking up again. As the republic continue to do well economically and register better-than-expected growth, investors' confident will climb and business will expand. Good news for job seekers, especially those who had just graduated and those who has been retrenched last year - companies are hiring again.

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