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[2004-11-29] Distribute The Wealth With Business Cards
For only pennies per card, you have in your hands one of the most powerful and versatile tools to promote your business.

[2004-11-23] Accounting for Non-Attributable Business Results
Trying to assess the impacts of marketing on business performance is a daunting task, celebrated long ago by John Wanamaker's famous quote regarding not knowing which half of his advertising was wasted. The root of this problem is that, for most companies, as much as 40% to 80% of their business results cannot be attributed to any specific marketing activity.

[2004-11-19] How to Be Prepared for a Layoff
If you are concerned that your company might be planning a layoff, your best course of action is to be prepared. Employees often see warning signs that their jobs may be at risk. Such signs could include poor company performance, earlier rounds of layoffs, conflicts with their manager, increased manager intervention and involvement, and poor performance reviews. Employees see the signs, but aren't as proactive as they should be in looking out for their future. Here are steps you can take to be prepared for a layoff.

[2004-11-03] 5 Ways to Make Your Presentations Sizzle
1. If you're currently using visual aids, stop for a while. It's really easy to try and let the slides give the presentation, which just doesn't work well. Try giving a speech without them; it forces you to focus on your technique.

[2004-11-02] Useful Tips for Evaluating Your Meeting Venue Options
However, large or small the meeting, location is key. Your environment, formal or informal, helps set the necessary mood and ambiance for the meeting to take place. Think about choosing a comfortable, yet stimulating environment that encourages attendees to concentrate, but beware of making it too cozy and relaxing that they're likely to fall asleep.

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