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[2005-03-31] Out Recruit The Competition
We hear from our clients that they "hope the candidate takes the job." Hiring a candidate shouldn't be a guessing game.

[2005-03-28] Office Zealots Start Podcasting
John Durant was interviewed on the second Office Zealot's Podcast. Maybe we should start a list of all the Microsoft podcasts over on Channel 9's Wiki.

[2005-03-23] The Difference Between Internal And External Blogs
After eight months of internal blogging Dennis Hamilton writes about how internal blogs differ from their external cousins.

[2005-03-23] PR Tips For Your Business: Should We Issue A Press Release?
Question: Why should your business issue a press release? Answer: because you have something to say, you want to say it in public and a press release encourages the press to say it for you. And because you want to show your business in a favourable light from the outset and begin the longer-term process of building awareness and understanding of your product or service.

[2005-03-16] Winning at Business With Your Marketing Game Plan
Stuart from Colorado had talked to a number of marketing firms and gotten estimates for designing and printing his marketing materials and building a web site for his business producing promotional cds.

[2005-03-16] Creating a Winning Staff Team
As a business owner, I've had staff come and go over the years: some have done extremely well, and others not so well.

[2005-03-16] Bott's Blot Never Runs Dry
Professional journalists who have embraced blogging are wisely using it to own-up/fix minor errors they make in their weblog postings.

[2005-03-15] Make More Money with Marketing Metrics
Do you know how effective each of your individual marketing tactics is? Many small business owners market in a vacuum. They spend money on brochures, advertisements and web sites with no real way to tie specific results to specific endeavors.

[2005-03-09] IABC Chair Blog Can Succeed
Fellow IABC member and blogger Allan Jenkins posted a scathing commentary about IABC and Chairman David Kistle yesterday (and has attracted a bit of flack in the comments to his post as a result).

[2005-03-07] Can Coporates Blog?
When it comes to the blogosphere, companies can be damned if they do and damned if they don't, so what's the answer?

[2005-03-03] Effective List Management Can Save You Big
Let's talk about how to keep your postage costs down.

[2005-03-01] Skype Approaches a Crossroads
Is Skype reaching a sort of crossroads with its internet phone service in terms of customer satisfaction ...

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