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[2005-04-22] What's Happening at Blognomics
Yesterday's Blognomics conference at the RAI conference center in Amsterdam was a terrific event. With about 85 participants, there were so many great people to meet.

[2005-04-13] Growing Your Business With Your Marketing Priorities
None of us have enough time in the day to get everything done, but small business owners and entrepreneurs like you are particularly pressed.

[2005-04-13] Working at Google = Fun!
Jen Fitzpatrick (Director, Engineering at Google) points out a video they've put together highlighting all the benefits of working at Google.

[2005-04-13] You've Gotta Try the New Office Communicator
I keep forgetting that Jeff Sandquist is one of the best judges of what's cool in software that I know.

[2005-04-07] Google Chasing Yahoo - Follow The Leader
Flashback 5 years just before the dotcom bubble burst and you'll remember the name of another company that blazed the path Google's following long before Larry and Sergey were even out of their dorm rooms. I'm talking about Yahoo!.

[2005-04-05] Edelman/Intelliseek Publish Blog White Paper
Intelliseek and Edelman announced a new study on the impact of blogs. The study, "How Real People Are Finally Being Heard," claims to be the 1.0 Guide to the Blogosphere.

[2005-04-01] Blogger Conficts Raise Ethics Issues
Trevor Cook wonders: "How do you really know if some blogger who is happily slamming microsoft or google or anything else really doesn't have some commercial conflict?"...

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