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[2005-05-27] Motivation ABC's: Tune Up Your Booth Staff
Are your sales people burnt out? You may want to check. Have they clocked too many twelve hour days? Do they have enough frequent flier miles to charter a jet to Mars? Are their faces permanently skewed into perpetual smiles from chatting with hundreds of thousands of trade show attendees?

[2005-05-19] How to Save Money on Training
1) Use a live instructor. Adults learn best by doing, practicing, and experiencing. Effective instructors customize their programs to meet people's needs, provide counsel on individual challenges, and respond to questions. Videos, CDs, and E-learning are seldom effective for primary learning.

[2005-05-19] 10 Attributes of Effective Meetings
Here are ten ideas that characterize an effective meeting.

[2005-05-19] Come Home Rich - How to Get the Most out of Your Next Conference
Success in your career depends upon how well you manage your professional development. A prime source of this development comes from being a member of a professional association that relates to your career. As a member, you can attend conferences where you advance your skills and meet people who can help you.

[2005-05-17] Blog Risk Assessment Teams
Compliance Solutions Advisor takes a look at the risks of business blogging -- pointing out many things to consider but also, I think, misunderstanding the spontaneous and personal nature of blogging.

[2005-05-16] Business Team Leadership: Pull Them, Don't Push Them
This article is primarily directed toward people who work at home in a business that happens to involve teamwork in a network marketing environment.

[2005-05-13] Bill Gates: Billionaire Scavenger
Bill Gates is the wealthiest man on the planet earth and he's a first rate scavenger. He's preparing to release the new Xbox. Longhorn comes out next year and he's currently taking pot shots at IPod. Bill Gates is a scavenger, but for that matter, all the great powers are.

[2005-05-12] Managing Meetings
Meetings are an essential part of business life but can also be time consuming and sometimes unproductive. Here is some advice on how to run a more productive meeting and achieve set objectives.

[2005-05-11] Quadralay Launches new ePublishing Solution
Electronic publishing solutions provider, Quadralay, announced the launch of WebWorks ePublisher Pro, its next-generation solution for creating online content.

[2005-05-11] OASIS Works on Reliable Messaging Specs
OASIS continues its work in developing universal standards with another breakthrough announcement. The massive consortium that is OASIS said their member groups have agreed to work toward a web services reliable messaging (WS-RM).

[2005-05-10] Sole Practitioner Blogging - What to do When on Holidays?
One of the downsides of being a stay at home sole blogger is that on days when you can't blog (because you are on holidays, sick orů.moving house - your blogging can grind to a standstill.

[2005-05-10] Why Would Anyone Do That in My Meeting?
Imagine that you open a meeting by saying, "We need to talk about the budget."

[2005-05-10] Why Training Fails
Sometimes when I conduct my workshop on Effective Meetings, one of the participants will ask, "Where's my boss?"

[2005-05-10] How to Hold Effective Staff Meetings
Many people believe that they conduct effective meetings, when all they really do is host a party. Or worse, they deliver a monologue. In either case, their meetings produce little.

[2005-05-10] Effective Meetings Begin With a Real Agenda
Everyone knows that an agenda is the key to an effective meeting. But an agenda that consists of a list of nouns, such as budget, software, and picnic, is useless. Here's how to prepare a real agenda that puts you in control of the meeting.

[2005-05-10] 7 Myths That Make Meetings Miserable
You can hold effective meetings and become a more successful leader if you avoid these seven monsters. Here's how.

[2005-05-10] Ten Tips for Effective Meetings
Here are ten things that you can do to hold more effective meetings.

[2005-05-10] Monsters in Meetings - How to Manage Unproductive Behavior
It happens easily. You're conducting a meeting and suddenly a small side meeting starts. Then someone introduces an unrelated issue. Someone else ridicules the new issue. Everyone laughs, except the person who mentioned the idea. Then someone insults the person who told the joke. Two people stand up and walk out. Others complain that the meeting is a waste of time.

[2005-05-10] Monsters in Meetings - Multiple Conversations
Side conversations ruin meetings by destroying focus and fragmenting participation.

[2005-05-10] Monsters in Meetings - Drifting From the Topic
Although new ideas lead to creative solutions, they can be a challenge when they interrupt or distract the work on an issue.

[2005-05-10] Monsters in Meetings - Quiet Participants
There are many reasons why someone would decline to participate during a meeting. For example, the person may feel reluctant to speak out, may disagree with the approach endorsed by others in the meeting, or may just be tired.

[2005-05-10] Monsters in Meetings - Dominant Participants
While dominant participants contribute significantly to the success of a meeting, they can also overwhelm, intimidate, and exclude others. Thus, you want to control their energy without losing their support.

[2005-05-10] Monsters in Meetings - Deadlocked Discussions
You thought you had an effective meeting until one participant disagreed with everyone else. Then others took sides. Now the meeting is deadlocked. Here's what to do.

[2005-05-10] Monsters in Meetings - Personal Attacks
Personal attacks hurt people, mar communication, and end creativity. If they become part of a meeting's culture, they drive the participants into making safe and perhaps useless contributions.

[2005-05-07] Microsoft Switches Gay-Rights Position Again
After being criticized by employees and gay-rights activists, Microsoft changed its position on a Washington state gay-rights bill.

[2005-05-06] Effective Meetings Begin With a Goal
Goals are critically important for the success of a meeting. You must know what you want so you can ask for it. And the participants need to know what you want so they can help you get it. Without goals, a meeting becomes a journey without a destination.

[2005-05-06] Effective Meetings Have SMART Goals
The first step in planning an agenda is to identify the goals for the meeting. Properly done, goals have five S M A R T characteristics. They are:

[2005-05-06] Effective Meetings Earn a Profit
Most people treat meetings as a free resource that can be used to deal with any issue. As a result, huge amounts of time and money are wasted on trivia.

[2005-05-06] Effective Meetings Have a Complete Agenda
Most agendas for a meeting look like this.

[2005-05-04] About Human Resource Management and Successful Organizations
HR (Human Resource) management is an often-underestimated task in work-environments. However, it is adequate and conscientious HR management that will establish and retain a qualified, well-cooperating workforce and therefore, ultimately, an increase of organizational growth, efficiency, and profitability.

[2005-05-02] Learn About Blogs Before You Buy Blog Tools
Two guys sit down at a bar and start talking. One says to the other, "Hey, do you know how much hammers cost, and where I can buy one?"...

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