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[2005-07-27] Nonqualified Salary Continuation Plans : A Powerful Fringe Benefit for Key Employees
Every business has key employees-people who make those important decisions that affect profits.

[2005-07-27] Effective Bonus Plans
Your key employees are a big reason for your business' profitability. It's in your best interest to keep them happy by recognizing their contribution and rewarding them for it.

[2005-07-27] How Do You Protect Your Business From the Loss of a Key Employee?
Key people are vital to your business. The loss of one or more of your key employees can cause disastrous problems. Sales may be lost. Credit can become more difficult to obtain. Profits may shrink, momentum may be lost, and training a replacement will cost you time and money.

[2005-07-21] The Future of Communications - Voice Over Internet Protocol
When was the last time that you were able to make a long-distance call for free? If you said "never", you probably have not been introduced to VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol.

[2005-07-18] Top 7 Ways You Can Save And Earn Money Using Web Conferences
You know, we are always looking for more effective means of communication. Effective communication results in better results for business, relationships, or teams of any kind, including non-profit organizations.

[2005-07-15] 6 Steps To Effective Management During Change
Take the pain out of gain and decrease the upheaval surrounding change by following six commonsense steps to effective management.

[2005-07-15] 7 Financial Strategies for Transitioning from Salaried to Solo
A 40's something woman was talking to me the other day about her growing sense of frustration with "working for someone else" and her longing to "do my own thing, drive my own wagon". But, she said with consternation, "I have family counting on me and a standard of living I don't want to sacrifice."

[2005-07-12] How to Create Quality PR Results
For many of us, the word quality is closely related to our expectations. When we receive the public relations results we planned for, we feel, understandably, that we have generated quality results.

[2005-07-12] Managers: Here's a PR Template For You
Let's start out with a caution for business, non-profit and association managers: the premise of public relations implies that the work you do BEFORE you use PR tactics, such as press releases, brochures and broadcast interviews, will determine the success of your public relations effort.

[2005-07-11] Dell Isn't Listening
If you've been following Jeff Jarvis' interesting experiences in his dealings with Dell, the PC maker, in trying to get his laptop repaired, Christopher Carfi has a great commentary in his latest podcast that extends this story, looking at what Dell's done with their US customer support forums.

[2005-07-11] Workers Compensation, Understanding It From Your Point Of View
Here, we will talk about workers compensation from two views. First we will talk about it from the view of a person who has been hurt on the job.

[2005-07-05] How Many Blogs to Focus Upon?
Paul wrote a week or so ago about his decision to scale back his blogs to those which are most profitable in a post titled "One site or one hundred sites?"...

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