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[2005-11-29] Employees Shopping At Work!
Hysteria in the form of statistics is making another appearance, and no doubt thousands of business leaders will jerk their Italian suit-covered knees and take steps to do something about it.

[2005-11-23] Franchises - Emotional Fulfillment Controlling Your Own Destiny
Does A Franchise Meet Your Needs?

[2005-11-17] Bloggers Cause Sony to Rethink Their Strategy
I have to admit that - for no particular reason - I wasn't paying a lot of attention to the whole Sony rootkit blogstorm, though I certainly was aware of it.

[2005-11-02] Eight Steps To Guarantee A Successful Video Or Web Conference
A successful video or web conference can really give a boost to your organization. Online conferencing is now connecting people in a way that was not possible in the pre-Internet era.

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