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[2006-02-28] Tips for Corporate Blogging
Backbone Media has published a list of tips for corporate blogging. They are:

[2006-02-27] Four Steps to Overcome Collaboration Obstacles
A thoughtful feature in the Financial Times discusses the question of why in-house collaboration in organizations is so difficult, with the consequent impact on effective working.

[2006-02-26] The Middle Ages
What if leadership didn't originate from the top of an organization, society or ecosystem, but from its middle?

[2006-02-22] Google Names Head of Philanthropy
According to the WSJ, Google has named 61 year old Larry Brilliant to head-up their philanthropic group.

[2006-02-22] Microsoft Releases Add-Ons For Office 2003
Microsoft has released Microsoft Dynamics Snap, a collection of programs that "snap" into Microsoft Office 2003.

[2006-02-21] Office 2007 UI: Actually Smaller
I hate it when people look at the Office 2007 user interface and dismiss it out of hand, calling it too big.

[2006-02-18] The Role of the Roll
I've been reading more and more bloggers assert that the blogroll is a bankrupt idea and should be deleted from blogs.

[2006-02-14] Internal Blogs Not Always Blogs as We Know Them
My point exactly: BusinessWeek writes that corporate blogging is an internal rather than external communications channel. And not only that -- the "bloggers" don't even know they're blogging.

[2006-02-13] Orchant Insights Continue at ZDNet
If you've been a follower of Marc Orchant's insightful commentaries over at The Office Weblog about all things to do with office productivity, cool tools, gadgets and Microsoft Office, note that he's moved house.

[2006-02-08] Comments are Integral Parts of the Conversation
While I'm still having a bit of difficulty figuring out whether the 30Boxes calendaring service is worth spending any time with or not, I'm having no such difficulty in seeing the value of a service like coComment.

[2006-02-07] A New Employee Communications Blog
While the world of PR blogs grows, there still are few blogs dedicated solely to internal communications (which, I happen to believe, is the most important communication effort in which a company can engage).

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